In today’s society, we find ourselves entangled in a disturbing practice where young women are often objectified and manipulated. This grim reality forms the crux of our latest discussion on Gothiccast, where we aim to unmask and challenge this deeply unsettling paradigm. According to this flawed perspective, men place theContinue Reading

Hello and welcome back to GothicCast with me, Gothicc Hel. You know, I never really talk about this, but I am bipolar. I also have autism and ADHD and PTSD. Being bipolar is actually the hardest part of them all, because, you know… Uh, being autistic is just part ofContinue Reading

Many subs seem to think it’s more attractive to say they have no limits, when in fact it has the opposite effect. It can be dangerous and shows a lack of understanding of BDSM as a whole. < p style=’color:white; font-size:0.95em;’> See for privacy and opt-out information.Continue Reading