The Mountain Cabin


The Hike


“What was I thinking, by actually coming here? Why did I agree to this? Oh God. I’ve made a mistake. Oh no. Oh fuck.” His thoughts raced. He was so far from everything he knew, lost and alone… But not for long. That was the worst part. He knew, even if he decided he didn’t want to go through with it, it was too late. He had parked his car far away from the narrow mountain path. He had already been walking for 30 minutes, and dusk crept closer. All he had was a map, a set of keys and a list of specific instructions. He stopped in the middle of the trail. Hands trembling, he pulled the paper out of his jacket and read it again, squinting in the fading light.


As previously agreed and negotiated, you will follow these steps.

    1. Park your car in the third spot from the path, Leave your phone in the car. Only bring these instructions and the attached map and keys. 
    2. Lock the doors. Place the car keys under the hubcap. 
    3. Move up the trail as outlined on the map, sticking to the path for the duration of the hike. Do not look back.
    4. The keys you have will unlock the door to a cabin located at the end of the trail. Enter the cabin. 
  • Do not stray from the path or turn back again. 


He swallowed hard and wiped sweat off his forehead. It seemed so exciting when he had first talked about it. It seemed like something he really wanted to do. He said he had thought it through. He said he consented. But now that he was here, iit suddenly seemed like it was a very poorly planned decision. He dreaded what might happen next. Maybe it was just a stupid prank on his expense, making him drive all the way out here, alone, and hike for 2 hours to a cabin up in the mountains. “Haha… Very funny.” He whispered to himself. But… What if it wasn’t a joke? 


He worried about the possibility that this was real, but dreaded the thought of not taking it seriously on the off chance it was real, more. He folded the piece of paper neatly and placed it back into his pocket. After taking a deep breath, He continued walking along the path. The cool evening air calmed him down a bit, and luckily it wasn’t a steep slope. He could leisurely hike the way up there and spend the night in the cabin and forget about this whole thing. 

After trekking up the mountain trail for about another hour, he suddenly felt an unnerving chill up his spine. It was dark and quiet, but something felt off. Something felt very, very wrong. 

“H-hello?” He uttered quietly. “Is someone here?” He nervously looked left and right, almost turning around when he remembered.. “Do not look back.” the words echoed in his mind. “This isn’t funny!” He said, trying to sound unshaken. He thought he heard rustling in the nearby trees. He forced himself to move his legs forward when suddenly, he froze. 

He felt someone watch him. He felt eyes boring into him. Accompanying this alarming feeling, he heard the faint, but distinct sound of footsteps, coming from behind him. It made almost no sound, but in his ears it sounded like thunder. He had a harrowing realisation and he felt sick. It’s really happening. This was a horrible idea. This was a stupid descision. Why did he agree to this? He felt remorseful. Suddenly he realised, he really didn’t understand what he had agreed to in the first place.

The Message


He had been on different bdsm forums and dating apps for months, hoping to find a FemDomme. It had been a fruitless pursuit. Hours upon hours of conversations with Dommes who would demand submission in the first message, men who pretended to be Dommes, and those who pretended to be Dominant, but made it painfully obvious they really weren’t. He had given up on actually finding a FemDomme and decided to make friends in the community instead. And he had made an effort to engage in the community by writing posts about femdom. And one day, someone made a comment on one of his posts. It was very straightforward, phased eloquently and seemed to be well thought out. He was intrigued by this commenter. He decided to check out their profile.


She was gorgeous. Raven black hair, pale skin, occult tattoos, and intense green eyes. She had this look of utter superiority, the likes of a true Goddess. By her post history it looked like she had a genuine interest in bdsm, Femdom, had lots of experience and seemed to know what she was doing. Every picture made him more and more interested. Every post made him realise they shared similar mindsets, kinks and interests. He hovered over her message tab and opened it up.


“Hi, I read your profile and I just wanted to say, we have so much in common! I hope this isn’t too forward, but I just thought I’d reach out and ask if you want to get to know each other? You seem very down to earth and experienced!” 

He had finished typing the message. “Was it good? Should I rewrite it? I’m overthinking this..” He muttered to himself, and hit send. Fuck it. Worst case, she won’t reply. 


Only a few minutes later, he saw his inbox light up. One unread message. He wasted no time opening it up, eagerly reading. “Hello. I see. We do indeed have a lot in common. I wouldn’t mind if we got to know each other more, what’s your number?”

He couldn’t believe it. Not only did she reply, not only did she want to talk to him, but she also wanted his number. “Sure, yeah, of course!” He replied hurriedly and attached his number. Almost immediately his phone got a notification. 


Weeks later, they had been talking nonstop. About everything and anything, sharing their hopes, dreams and ideas, and he had shared with her his biggest fears and deepest insecurities. He had opened up to her more than anyone else. They had begun discussing their kinks, and she told him she had always had this one fantasy…


“So, you understand the risks?” she wrote.

“Yes, Ma’am. I do.”

“You consent to carrying out this scene in its entirety?”

“Yes Ma’am.”

“Have you signed the consent form, the liability waiver, and the nondisclosure agreement?”

“Yes Ma’am.”

“Good. Have them emailed to me and I’ll have the required items delivered.”


The next day, he had gotten his package. He had been given a time and a date on which the scene would take place, and had been told to read the instructions only when he had driven to the agreed upon location. 


The trail

The trees swayed gently in the wind. The sound of her footsteps made his blood run cold.

“Hello? I-is anyone there? Is it Y-you?” His voice trembled. He didn’t know what to do. He felt his heart beating faster. “You really shouldn’t have come here.” a cold voice hissed a few meters behind him. He tensed up. That was unmistakably her voice. His eyes darted back and forth in front of him, his body begging him to turn around. Intently listening for more. Trying to figure out where she was, without looking. “C-can we please call it off? Please? I don’t think I want to do this anymore!” He pleaded quietly into the night air. He didn’t get a reply. He knew she wouldn’t listen anyways, after all… He agreed to this. He slowly started turning his head around when he heard her voice growl “Don’t turn around!” He immediately turned his head forward and put his hand in his jacket, and felt the keys. The keys! He could still reach the cabin! He dashed forward as fast as he could, not daring or wanting to look back. He had only one thought in his mind, to reach the cabin and lock himself inside. 


Running as fast as he could, nearly tripping several times, he sprinted towards the safety of the cabin. He swore he heard her right behind him, but he didn’t dare think about it. He ran as fast as his legs could carry him for what seemed like an eternity, until he saw the cabin at the end of the trail. Using his last shred of energy, he picked up the pace and threw himself against the door. He dug into his pockets to find the keys, finally allowing himself to look behind him. Glancing back, he saw… Nobody. He pulled out the keys in a hurry and opened the cabin door, tripping over the threshold, falling face first onto the floor. It was completely dark, and cold. Crawling forwards in a state of panic, in complete darkness, he heard the door slam behind him and get locked.

Well, well, well. Look who finally made it.” Her voice felt like ice. He didn’t move a muscle. He couldn’t see anything, the cabin was completely devoid of light. All he could hear now was her chilling laughter and her footsteps coming closer and closer. He shut his eyes tightly. This wasn’t happening. This wasn’t real. He heard her walk towards him, stopping right in front of him. A light suddenly turned on, and he could only see two leather boots inches from his face.  “Look at me.” she commanded. “P-please don’t hurt me” he whimpered quietly. “LOOK AT ME” she barked. He pulled himself up on his elbows and slowly looked up. Leather boots. Pale thighs. A black dress adorned with skulls. Long black hair. Piercing green eyes. A wicked, sadistic smile. And… A knife in her right hand. He shuddered. “You don’t know what you’re in for, do you?” she gave him a smug grin. “I… Please, I don’t want to do this anymore..” He looked up at her with pleading eyes. “No?” She said, while raising an eyebrow. “N-no, please, I wanna go home.” 

Her face went from curiosity to malice in seconds. She squatted down, put her face inches away from his, and stared into his blue eyes. “You’re not going anywhere.” She sneered. He could feel her warm breath. Her eyes flashed with fury, showing a kind of malevolence he’d never seen before. She brought her knife up to his face, and gently stroked his cheek with the edge, while a wicked smile unfurled across her lips. His bottom lip started trembling, but he couldn’t take his eyes off hers. He mustered up all his remaining courage and quietly squeaked “Please don’t hurt me…” Her eyes narrowed, and she withdrew her knife.


“Give me a reason why I shouldn’t.”

“I-I’ll do anything you say!”

“I know you will.”

His eyes flickered nervously around the cabin, hoping to find an escape route. She noticed his eyes wandering and giggled.

“The windows are all boarded up and there are no more exits. The only way out is the locked door behind you. So, no, there’s no escape.” She said smugly. He whimpered. She knew. 

She backhanded him across the face without warning, making him yelp. 

“That’s for considering trying to escape, bitch.” 

“I-I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I didn’t -”

“SHUT UP!” She snarled. He didn’t dare utter another word.

“Now” She said, standing up.  

“Get on your knees.”


“I won’t ask again.” She said coldly, knife clenched in her fist. He got on his knees in a hurry, feeling dizzy from the hard strike against his face, tasting blood. She twirled the knife in her hand, turning her back, and walked across the cold wooden floors towards a backpack propped against a red couch. He saw his chance. He knew the only way out was through the locked front door, and she had the key. He stood up and rushed towards her, hoping he could tackle her. She whipped around, struck his temple with the knife handle, knocking him unconscious. 

The Trap


“Wake up!” 

A sharp voice startled him awake. Looking around he saw her sitting at the foot of the bed, smiling at him. He tried moving, only to discover he was completely tied up, his arms and legs tightly tied to the iron bed frame, by thick rope. There was absolutely no leeway. He started panicking.

“It’s pretty fucking pointless to try to scream with a gagball in your mouth.” A heinous tone in her voice. 


“Haha, yes, exactly. I had to tie you up. You were a naughty boy. And it’s time for your punishment.” 

She leaned over the edge of the bed and picked something up. 

His eyes flashed with terror at the sight of her hunting knife. Bigger than the other one, and by the looks of it, considerably sharper too. He started thrashing around, hoping he could free himself somehow.


She looked at him with an amused expression.

“You’re wasting your time. I’ve tied you up pretty tightly.” She shook her head. 

“You’re only gonna hurt yourself.” 

He stopped squirming and stared at her. She stared right back at him and grinned.

“Now, you didn’t make it easy for me to get my hands on you. I didn’t go through all this trouble for nothing. I want to claim my reward.”

He looked curiously at her. 

“Lay still. I’m going to remove your gag. Don’t make any sudden moves or scream. Remember, I have my hunting knife closeby. Do you understand?”

He nodded eagerly and felt relief wash over him. She reached over and unbuckled the gag, laying it on the pillow next to him. He looked at her, waiting for permission to speak. 

“I assume you want to say something.” She said in a dull manner.

“Y-yes, thank you so much for letting me speak, I just, uh…”

“Yes? Speak.“

“Red! Red!” He uttered the safeword they had agreed to, during negotiations. She looked amused.

“Hmm? What’s that?” 

“The safeword! Remember? Please untie me! Red!” He sounded desperate.

“Oh yeah, that’s right! Fuck your safeword. I lied.” 

His stomach dropped. He looked at her in horror. Studying her face, trying to find a hint of a smile, hoping she was just fucking with him. 


But her face was dead serious. When the gruesome realisation hit, he drew a deep breath and screamed as loudly as he could. 


She laughed mockingly at his desperate wailing for help. She flung herself on top of him, straddling his chest, grabbed the gag, stuffing it into his open mouth, pulling the leather straps uncomfortably tight, fastening it while he shook his head trying to fight it. After managing to gag him, she struck his face forcefully. She reached back, grabbed the knife and held it right in front of his face, immediately placing it to his throat. He froze. 

“You’re not going anywhere.” She sneered at him, dragging the knife lightly across his throat. With a quick slice, she had nicked him, making him bleed. He winced in pain. She bent over him, licking the blood off his throat, still holding the blade to his neck. He shivered at the feeling of her tongue greedily lapping up his blood. She sat up, wiped her mouth with her sleeve and tossed the knife to the floor. 

“Now the fun begins.”

She got off him, stood next to the bed, pulled her dress over her head and threw it across the room. Standing in front of him, only wearing some black lace panties, she looked hungrily at him and licked her lips. He started shivering uncontrollably, aroused and terrified of her. She put her hand on his crotch and squeezed gently. He let out a muffled gasp. 

“Oh, only halfway ready for me? Gonna have to fix that.” She unbuckled his pants, unzipped him, and yanked his pants and boxers down to his tied up ankles.

She climbed on top, straddled him, slowly starting to grind on his half erect dick. He felt her warmth and wetness through her panties, rubbing up and down his shaft. Biting hard into the gagball, closing his eyes tightly, begging his body not to betray him, but he had no control over his physical response to her movements, his cock quickly becoming rock hard.

“That was fast!” she laughed tauntingly. She gripped his shirt, tore it apart, exposing his bare chest. She got off him, and being too scared to try screaming, knowing it would only provoke her, he lay still while she stood over him and unbuckled his gag, removing it entirely. She slipped off her panties, scrunching them up in her fist. 

“Open your mouth.” She commanded.

He just stared at her, not reacting.

“I said, OPEN YOUR MOUTH!” she snarled, pinching his nose shut until he opened his mouth to gasp for air, forcefully stuffing her wet panties into his open mouth. He made a muffled protest, and got a slap in return.


The toy

Gagged by her panties, hands and feet tied, he was completely at her mercy. An unwilling, helpless toy. 

“I’m gonna enjoy this…You won’t.” She said coldly. 

She sat on top of him, sliding her wet pussy slowly back and forth on the shaft of his throbbing cock. He started breathing raggedly. She grabbed his dick, positioning it upright, slowly lowering herself onto the tip, suddenly slamming herself forcefully down onto him, forcing him deep inside her, making him flinch at the sudden sensation of her tight pussy clamping down on him. 

“OH FUCK YES!” she exclaimed loudly, ignoring his muffled yelp. She started moving her hips slowly, getting increasingly turned on at the sight of his tortured, terrified expression. Grabbing his shoulders firmly, glaring into his fear filled eyes, thrusting him into her faster and faster, “Oh fuck, fuck, yes, you little slut” She moaned loudly, receiving a frightened whimper in return. Giving him a cruel smile, she reached into his mouth, pulling out her panties, making him gasp for air.


His eyes started welling up with tears as he begged. She looked at him with a ferocious expression, making him tremble. She opened her mouth, as if to say something, but instead of speaking, she lunged forward, gripping his throat with both hands. He whined, as she tightened her grip, moving her hips faster and faster as he choked.

He felt his sight narrowing, everything starting to become blurry. She suddenly released her grip, only to clamp down on his jugular, forcing him to draw a breath only to scream out loud, feeling her teeth sink into his flesh. She sat up, her eyes looking drunk with bloodlust and power. She began bouncing up and down on his dick as he whimpered, begged and started loudly crying.

“P-p-please stop” he managed to utter between sobs, making her go faster.

“Mmmm fuck, you’re my little fucktoy, beg more!”


In spite of the pain, and fear, the adrenaline coursing through his veins made him extremely aroused, as his cock thrusted faster and faster into her wet, tight pussy it made him realise he was going to cum.


She gasped in pleasure, slamming down onto his cock more forcefully, managing to turn make him moan involuntarily as he edged closer to climax. 

“You don’t have a fucking choice” She groaned aggressively 

“You’re going to fucking cum inside me”

“Please NO I don’t want to, please!”

She dug her nails into his chest as she felt herself getting closer to orgasm, as she watched his body starting to tense up, hearing his moans grow louder, his desperate whimpering getting more and more intense, she threw her head back, moaning loudly, aggressively rocking her hips back and forth, tightening her whole body, getting wetter and wetter.

“MMmmmm fuck I’m gonna cum, fill me up slut! Cum in me! NOW!” 

As he heard those words his body completely gave in to her demands, and as she screamed in pleasure, he felt her pussy pulsating around his twitching cock, making him lose all control, his cock throbbing and pumping a huge load of cum deep inside her. 


She sat still on top of him, panting quickly, ignoring his crying. She got off him, his cum dripping down her thighs, his blood smeared on her face and hands. She turned to him, and gave him a satisfied, smug look. 

“I finally caught my prey. I’m never gonna let you go. You’re mine to use as I want. My fucktoy. My plaything. My slave. My slut. After all…. You said you wanted this.” 


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