He clenched his teeth tightly. He felt her hands wrap around his neck. He made a quiet squeak. She let go. He felt her hand on the back of his neck, pushing his head to the floor, and his hands being tied behind his back. Without warning she yanked him up. He sat there, in the middle of the room, on his knees, blinded, deaf, tied up. Completely defenceless. She slapped him hard, then removing his earphones. “Unless you want to bleed to death, don’t move. Got it?” Her voice was eerily sinister. He nodded. Something cold gently stroke his chin. A hand grabbed his jaw. Without warning he felt a sharp pain spread over his cheek. She had cut him. He winced sharply. Her tongue slid across his wound. “Your blood is delicious.” She moaned. Her hand moved from his jaw to his neck. Affectionately caressing it. He felt her breath on his skin, her lips barely touching his neck…

Instantaneously she clamped down on his neck, her teeth sinking into him. He felt her pierce the skin with her sharp teeth, drawing blood. He let out a sharp squeal as the pain spread across his throat. She let go of his neck and panted softly. He felt her soft tongue lap up his blood. Her nails dug into his shoulders as she greedily nipped and sucked on his throat to get a good taste of his blood. He started whimpering. “P-please… It hurts..” he quietly uttered. She ignored his quiet plea. “Please stop hurting me..” He cried softly. She stopped tasting him, ripped off his blindfold, sat up, wiped her mouth with her sleeve and snickered. “No.”

He was dragged by his feet towards a bed, positioned in another room. Despite her petite stature, she was surprisingly strong. She threw him onto the bed, cut off his restraints, and turned him onto his back. She stood over him, looking at him lying there, his cheek bleeding, a bite mark on his neck. She blushed, bit her lip and grinned mischievously. Her eyes looked lustfully at him. But she didn’t want to fuck him. She wanted to devour him. And he knew it. “Get up!” She demanded. He obeyed willingly. She turned and walked up to the leather “throne” in the cabin, sat down and looked at him strictly. “Come here and kneel by my feet.” Her voice was confident, commanding and determined. He had taken a single step, when she growled “No, don’t walk. Crawl.” He dropped to his hands and knees, and crawled towards his dark Queen. When he was at her feet he sat in front of her and looked at her in awe.

She leaned forward, looked deep into his eyes and said “give me your arms.” He did as told. She grabbed him, pulled out her hunting knife and gave his arm a superficial cut. She licked, tasted, and enjoyed the taste of his blood. He heard her lightly moan and saw her eyes turn to a euphoric blood drunk state. She let go of his arm and licked her lips. And he smiled and looked at her adoringly. He couldn’t help it. She looked so beautiful. He felt so happy. He felt like he was soaring on a cloud. She smiled warmly at him. “Good boy. I’m so pleased with you.” He melted completely. “Thank you Goddess, for giving me the opportunity to please you. I love you.” She put his hand out, pet his head and stroke his cheek tenderly. “I love you too, my little pet.”

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