“Alright, let’s go over the rules.” She said sternly.

She had brought their contract with her, and started reading out loud; “Rule number one. Do not scream. There are people close by and we don’t want to worry them, do we?” “no” he said. “No, what?” She snapped. “Er, No, Goddess!” He was in fact so excited for the hunt he forgot about his protocols. “Good boy. Don’t let it happen again.”They had driven a few hours into a near by forest. Dusk was approaching. The hunt had been planned for weeks, carefully discussed, rules put in place and safety measures laid out. “Rule number two. If you injure yourself and it makes it impossible to continue, you use the safeword. And if I sense you’re in distress and you don’t have the mindset or clarity to use the safeword I will end the session. You’re safe with me. Do you understand?” “Yes, Goddess.” He blushed.

Thoughts were running wild in his mind. His heart started beating a little faster. They were sitting in the car, in a parking space, next to a clearing in the woods. They had time to go over the rules one last time before dusk set in. “The third and final rule. I’m not going to go easy on you. I’ll hunt you like the prey you are. I’ll relentlessly pursue you until I take you down. I expect you to act accordingly. When I tell you to start running, I’ll give you a headstart, and you better take the opportunity. When I get into a predatory mindset, nothing will stop me from hunting you. I will find you. And I will catch you. Then I will hurt you.”

Her face had gone from kind and understanding to something he had never seen before. Her eyes were piercingly cruel. There was no empathy behind them. It was terrifying. It was exciting. “So, we’ve gone over the rules. Do you comply and accept these terms and conditions?” Her face had gone back to her kind self. “Y-yes Goddess. I do.”

He grabbed the pen she handed him. And he signed with his given submissive name, then his legal name, next to hers. He swallowed hard. There was no going back now. He had signed a waiver that had given her permission to treat him as an animal. Reduced to a prey. Nothing but a plaything for a formidable predator. An experienced huntress. He knew right then there was no way he would escape her. But he wasn’t gonna give up. He was excited, scared and almost panicking. “It’s time.” He jumped hearing her voice, startling him out of his thoughts. He started breathing faster. “Yes Goddess.” They stepped out of the car. The night breeze rushed to him like a cool hand caressing his cheeks. He felt a few sweat droplets run over his forehead. “Sweating already? Hah!” She grinned.

She had opened the trunk and pulled out a small backpack. He knew what was in it. His lip quivered slightly. She had already dressed up in training clothes, black as night. She looked like a black widow. He had a white shirt and black shorts. She closed the trunk with a loud “thud”. He took a deep breath. “Let’s stretch.” He complied willingly. Without a word they both got limber and ready to begin. She leaned against the car, crossed her arms and sighed contently. “Run.”He didn’t hesitate. He felt his feet dashing at the moment she opened her mouth. The first few steps made his heart beat quicker. Through the clearing, towards the woods. The dewy grass made his calves wet. He reached the woods, and it had started getting darker. Visibility was starting to become dim. He knew he had to find a place to hide.

He heard a whistle blowing in the distance.

That was the signal that she had started hunting him. He dashed into a bush. He was panting loudly. And he felt his heart pounding in his chest. He tried sitting as still as possible, in fact he didn’t move a muscle. In the darkness everything was dead silent. That made everything worse. He was able to hear her better, on the other hand, it also meant… She could hear him. Almost shivering in his hiding place, he could hear a slight rustling noise. However, it didn’t come from him. It came from a different direction. He heard her come closer and closer. Only a few metres away. He hadn’t ran far. He had been more focused on finding a hiding place. Oh what a cliché. “I can smell you.” She said in an intimidating voice.

How could she smell him? He heard her approach. She was so close now. “I know you’re here.” He started panicking. He felt his fight or flight instincts kick in. He leaped out of the bushes, making it glaringly obvious where he was. “There you are!” She stood only 2 metres away. She really had caught his scent.He turned around and started sprinting as fast as he could. Breathing raggedly, heart nearly bursting and his chest burning. He heard her running. she was right behind him. He was panic-stricken, and couldn’t think straight. Running like a headless chicken, the inevitable happened. He tripped. Hearing her footsteps like thunder behind him, he started hyperventilating. He had just turned around, and what a horrific sight. She pounced on his chest and pinned his arms in place. He was wriggling around, trashing his head and feet.

Having finally caught her prey, She grabbed him by the throat and pulled out a big, sharp knife, which she put to his throat; “Don’t move.” She snarled. He was Too scared to move. She got up again, still holding the knife, before stepping on his throat with her black leather boots. And then pulled off her backpack, unzipped it, and pulled out rope. “Oh we’re gonna have some fun.” He felt the pressure on his throat increase. He was scared to death. She took her boot off his neck and knelt down beside his head, holding the knife in one hand and rope in the other. “If you move an inch, I will slit your throat.” Her voice was spine chilling. She shoved him onto his back and put the knife handle in her mouth. Lying on his back, she tied his wrists firmly with the rope.

He felt tears well up in his eyes. She stood up and kicked him. “Get up!” She commanded. He winced from the blow, and tried wiggling himself up. It was incredibly hard, having his hands tied. Squatting down, she grabbed his hair, yanked his head up and snarled into his ear “I said. Get. Up.” She grabbed his arms and dragged him up, to his knees. “Follow me.” He stood up. She tied a lead on his wrists and tugged on it. He walked on. She turned on a flashlight, and brought him deeper into the woods. Finally, after walking for a while, in the dead of night, they eventually arrived at a cabin. She pulled harshly on the lead, and he stumbled. “We’re here.” Oh no. that sadistic grin. That evil, vicious smile. He felt the dread set in his heart. This was bad.

Part 2

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