I have been thinking much lately over the security and warmth you are bringing into my life. You are nurturing me to be a better version of my self and you are also listening when i need to talk.
When ever my mind is a mess and i cant think straight, you’re there to help me out.
whenever i feel bad you’re there to cheer me up.

This past year that i have known you, have you always been there caring, about my well being, and been a guiding post in hard times.
You have made me realise its some order to the madness and have helped me make a path in the right direction.

The warmth you give from your unconditonal love.
The Sequrity you bring from Helping me understand my self.
You make me into a better me.

I can give you my everything without hesetation because you are you,
I want to use this oppertunity to say thank you so much for bringin me to where i am today.
Thank you so much for letting me Be your Sub.
Thank you so much for helping me find reason in the madness.

Im Looking forward to keep serving you Goddess <3

Your BunBun

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