“If you want me to stop, use the safeword.” he said in a calm voice. This was the first time she had a bdsm session.


Months prior she had gone to a munch, which is what the kinksters call a casual meetup to socialise and get to know each other in a safe and public setting. They had talked a bit at the munch and hit it off really well. They had several fetishes in common, and as she had heard from other people at the munch, he was an experienced and well known dominant in the community. He had a good reputation. So she felt very confident letting this man give her her first taste of submitting to someone. She had been aching to try for … years! And finally she had mustered the courage to dive into it. And it was almost too good that she found such a good first partner. The following weeks they talked almost every single day. Discussing limits, fetishes, what a potential scene would be like, duration, and she was given a safeword. “The safeword is “wolf” he told her. “don’t forget it.” he said in a stern voice, during their daily call. The more they talked the more she looked forward to doing her first session. He was calm, firm, strict, but also kind in a way that made her feel at ease. His voice was deep and had this stern tone to it. It was such a turn on.

The 2 months they had been talking, she had agreed not to touch herself or have any orgasms until they would session. It excited her so much to give away her power to someone else like that. She has been craving to submit to someone for such a long time. Fantasised, thought about, read stories, talked about it. But always been too scared to do it. But finally she would fulfill all her kinkiest fantasies! They had set up a date and time to meet. In just 3 days, she would meet at his place. He said he had a dungeon, and told her it was clean and safe. He’d told her all about the fun toys in there, which made her even more excited to meet up with him. This would be a dream come true!


He had made sure every inch of the playroom was cleaned, had all his whips, gags, toys and restraints disinfected and sterilised, ready to use for his new pet. He had played with a lot of submissive women in his life. Being a dominant was natural for him. Women had gladly submitted to him and obediently taken every order he gave with enthusiasm. He had a really great reputation in the bdsm community as a safe, responsible, experienced Dom. He had been doing this for years. It was his passion. But.. He wanted something new. He had been doing this for 10 years. He hadn’t owned a sub in a long time. But then he met her. She was completely inexperienced, as a sub. A submissive virgin, so to speak. She seemed naive. Too trusting. She seemed like the type of girl a man could easily take advantage of. So eager to please her master. So eager to discover new pleasures and fetishes. Poor little girl. It was lucky he met her first. Which Master wouldn’t want a fresh, new, untouched submissive to shape, play with, and take all her firsts? It was like a conquest. Like claiming her. Untouched by others’ whips, chains, paddles, restraints. She was experienced… in theory. This was a very rare thing. This would be fun.


“The safeword is wolf. The safeword is wolf. The safeword is wolf.” she kept reminding herself over and over. She knew how important it was to remember the safeword. She also knew that the type of play she was craving would definitely make her say all the words that “vanilla” people usually stop doing what they’re doing to their partner. He had ordered her a cab to his house. When the taxi pulled up to his house she noted that it seemed a bit secluded. But that is probably a good thing, seeing as the noises that would come from the basement playroom would make the potential neighbours call the police. She suddenly felt very anxious. “I’m really doing this,” she thought to herself. “I should make the cab turn around and go home” she was nervously thinking. Then the taxi stopped in front of his house and he stepped out of the door. He was much taller than her. She remembered him towering over her at the munch. It turned her on to feel so small. He gave her a dashing smile, as he handed the driver a handsome tip alongside the fare. Then he opened the door for her and gently took her by the hand. “you look so beautiful.” he smiled gently. She had been wearing casual clothes, as instructed. He led her by the hand into the house. She was intensely blushing.


Leading her into his living room he offered her some tea or coffee. She chose tea. She looked so cute. Blushing. Nervously shuffling her feet as she sat on the couch, quivering a bit while she put the teacup up to her lips. “S-so.. what happens now?” Her voice was so shaky. He could hear her anxiousness. It was actually quite the turn on. She looked like a prey. And he was definitely a predator. “Do you remember the safeword?” He winked at her. Trying to put her at ease. “Yes… wolf, right?” her eyes lit up. “Yes, what?” He said in his stern voice. “Yes Master!” she quickly replied. She was fun to tease. Like a cat playing with a mouse he was enjoying this more than he thought he would, and they hadn’t even started. “Right, come here.” He got off the couch he had been sitting opposite her in. She jerked at the sudden command and immediately got on her feet, and hurriedly walked up to him. “Do you want to play?” He playfully smiled at her, a softness in his voice. “Y-yes Master.” He cupped her face in his hands and leaned in close to her. “Alright pet. Let’s go to the playroom.” He took her hand in his and led her down the stairs, to the dungeon. He had closed the door behind them.


She felt her knees almost buckle under her. This was it. This was really happening. Her head felt foggy. His strong but gentle hand clasped tightly around hers as he led her down the stairs was the only thing that prevented her from fainting. When she saw the playroom she felt her heart starting to pound. She saw a black and red dimly lit room. It was surprisingly big. Candles lit on small shelves. Whips, chains, restraints, collars, leashes, paddles, crops and various other fun toys hanging from pegs on the wall. A beautiful glass cupboard displaying dildoes, buttplugs, and several other insertables. There was a cage, a St Andrews cross, and shackles in the room too. And in the corner, a big, beautiful king size bed with black and red bedding. It matched the room perfectly.

She was so busy admiring the whole room that she didn’t notice he had let go of her hand and gone to a closet, pulling a small package with a big red bow out of it. He carefully walked up to her, seeing her being completely lost in taking it all in. This seemed like the first time she had seen a dungeon too. “here, I got you a gift.” He spoke softly. Despite his attempt at being gentle she still jumped and turned around quickly. “Oh, you didn’t have to give me anything!” she seemed shocked by the gesture. “Open it.” She quickly complied, and took the package in her hands, tugging the bow and opening the lid. In the box was a gorgeous fluffy tail plug, a pair of ears, a collar, leash and a bone gag. Her jaw dropped. “Oh my God!” she exclaimed. “Do you like it?” he smirked. “Yes! Oh, sorry, I mean Yes Master!” She was visibly excited. “Good. Put on the ears.”


She put the box on a nearby table and happily put the ears on her head. She was so excited now. This was not as scary as she had first imagined. “Pet, now go into the bathroom over there and put on these.” He held a little black nightgown and the tail plug. She blushed heavily, but took both and changed quickly. She came out wearing both, the tail swishing below her knees and the short nightgown above. “Good girl.” He snapped his fingers. “Now get on your knees and crawl over here.” She got on her hands and knees and slowly crawled over to him. She felt the plug move inside her and felt a tingle. He reached out and pet her head. “That’s very good. Now get up on the bed. I’m going to inspect you.” Her breath started quickening and she crawled to the big bed and jumped on it. She sat down on it looking at him as he walked over. “Very good, pet. Open your mouth.” She opened wide and stretched her tongue out.

He grabbed her chin and smiled at her. “Good girl. You’ve brushed and kept your mouth clean for Master.” He let go of her chin, and stroked her cheek briefly. “Now get on your hands and knees, and turn around.” His voice got a little more aggressive. She once again obediently did as told. He pet her head gently. “Spread your legs. Bend over.” She shivered a bit and obeyed. Her tail still covering her and her head resting on the soft bedspread. “That’s a good pet. Stay still.” He lifted her nightgown over her ass and gently pet her tail. He moved her tail carefully and uncovered her pussy. “That’s a gorgeous pet. You’re in heat, huh?” she whimpered quietly and felt her face redden. He slapped her ass firmly, and she made a surprised yelp. “I asked you a question, pet.” Her voice quivered, as she silently said “Yes, Master. I am.” He softly touched her warm pussy and rubbed his finger up and down, caressing her clit. “Does pet like that?” All she did was whimper, trying to utter an answer. He inserted one finger, slowly going in and out, hearing her starting to breathe faster. “If you don’t answer, I’ll stop.” She tried her best to say something, but it was like she couldn’t speak. All that came out was squeaks.

“Hmm.. Looks like pet isn’t able to talk, huh?” He stopped touching her and stroked her back. “Turn around. Sit.” He ordered. As she sat in the bed, he had pulled out her collar and leash. “Sit still.” Her eyes shone with excitement. He put them on her and held the leash firmly. “Open your mouth.” She swallowed hard and did as told. Her mouth was watering. He pulled down his pants and revealed a rock hard thick cock. “Does pet want a treat?” She nodded. “No. Beg.” He said grinning at her. She looked so desperate for him. He knew she would do anything for him. “Please, Master. Please let me have a treat. I want it. I need it. I crave it. I’ll do anything you want.”

She begged so sweetly. “Alright, my good little pet. I will give you your treat. Stretch out your tongue.” She eagerly did. She had already started to drool. He pulled on her leash making her inch forward, placing his cock on her tongue. He felt her tongue and lips wrap around him and her tongue eagerly twirling around him. “mmm… Good pet, you already know how to serve Master.” he bit his lip. She slowly bobbed her head back and forth. He pulled out of her mouth and got on the bed with her. “Get on your knees. Open wide.” he had sat himself on his knees too, and wrapped the leash chain around his hand to get a better grip and keep her tethered to him. He put his dick in her wet, warm mouth and pet her head as she eagerly moved her head to please her Master. “Your tail looks lonely.” He said, leaning over and grabbing her tail plug. She moaned in surprise. “stop moving. I’m gonna use your mouth.” She stood completely still on her hands and knees.

He yanked the chain to him as he was thrusting into her mouth. He started tugging on her tail, with each movement. “Mmmm good little pet!” He moaned as he used her mouth. He went faster and faster, feeling her mouth filling up with drool. She made sure not to spill. He made sure not to make her gag, at least not yet. Suddenly he stopped, pulled out of her mouth and let go of her tail. She looked very surprised, and the swiftness made her drool spill everywhere. “You’re in heat, and pets in heat should be bred.” He smirked. Her eyes widened and she still hadn’t closed her mouth. “You wanted a treat, and Master is gonna give it to you.” He got off the bed, pulled up his pants, tugged her leash and led her to a table with restraints. “Lie down on your stomach, feet on the floor.” He ordered. She got up and put her hands close to the restraints. “You’re a very obedient pet!” he smiled, walked around her and put on the restraints, chaining her hands to the table. The table had a soft leather cushion on it. So it wasn’t uncomfortable. “I’m gonna gag you. Now, if at any point you want me to stop, tap the table with your hands. Understood?” He looked at her gently. “Yes Master, I understand.” She smiled at him. He pulled out a ball gag and put it in her mouth and fastened it. He went around the table, admiring his little pet, grinning at the thought of claiming her. Taking her submissive virginity. He got up behind her and gave her ass a firm slap. Then another. Then once again. Every slap made her moan. She loved pain. But this was her first time… So he went easy on her.


Lying gagged and restrained on a leather table with her tail plug in, as her Master slapped her ass, was bliss. It felt so amazing. It wasn’t as she had imagined her first time. It was better! With every slap she felt the rush pump through her. It felt amazing having his hands hit her ass over and over. The stinging felt so good. He stopped. “Why did he stop?? I want more!” she thought. “That’s enough pain. Let’s give you some pleasure.” She felt his hands caress her warm, red ass and gently spread her pussy. “Oh pet… You’re dripping wet. Your juices are running down your thighs.” She couldn’t help, but wiggling her ass. She wanted him so badly. She craved him. She felt like he was torturing her. “Oh? You’re begging for it, I see. Good girl.” He pulled down his pants, and rubbed his cock on her warm, wet cunt. She tried to back on him, desperate for him. He kept rubbing it, up and down. Until she was whimpering, loudly. He inserted his cock slowly. Agonisingly slowly. She was incredibly tight. He felt her tighten around him, as if she was trying to suck him in. he grabbed her hips and started to fuck her slowly. Hearing her moaning and whimpering, feeling her body quiver under him, begging for more. He grabbed her tail with one hand, tugging it as he thrusted faster. He pulled on her tail, seeing her react every time. The deeper he went, the louder she moaned. She was ravenous for him.

She felt him tugging her tail, giving her immense pleasure for every little movement, and felt his thick cock stretching her out. She was drooling from her gag, her body shaking, her head cloudy and in bliss. She never wanted it to stop. She started feeling her body beginning to climax. She got closer and closer, moaning more and more, squirming as he fucked her hard. He slapped her ass hard, and snapped her out of it. “You’re not allowed to cum until I do!” He snarled at her. This was the first time his voice was aggressive. And it made her weak. “Your tight hole feels amazing pet! You’re squeezing me so tightly, you little slut!” He sounded so sadistic. He went much harder than he had, brutally hitting her cervix with firm, hard thrusts. Every time she felt the pain, and she loved it. “You love being used as a fucktoy, don’t you?!” he growled at her while slamming himself into her, over and over. “mmmf mmmmfff” she moaned from the gag. “Oh that’s right, I can’t hear you, little bitch. Let me fix that!” slowing down his speed, but not stopping, he leaned forward and loosened the gag fasteners. “Spit it out!” he demanded.

Along with drool she dropped the gag onto the floor. “Good little whore. Now say it! Say you love being fucked by me!” She moaned quietly and uttered “I.. I.. mm..” He slammed himself into her, hearing her let out a loud yelp as he hit her bottom. “What was that?” “I love being fucked by Master!” She said loudly. He sped up again, Feeling her tighten more, and himself getting harder. He slapped her ass hard, grabbed her hair and went harder. “You’re fucking mine now! Do you understand?!” He told her firmly. “Y-yes Master! I understand!” She said loudly between moans. He started feeling himself getting closer to cumming. He slowed down for a little bit. “Tell me, Who do you belong to??” He growled at her. “I Belong to you, Master!” She desperately whimpered, wanting him to speed up again. “Good girl!” He said, pulling her up so she rested on her elbows and started fucking her intensely.

With each movement he could feel himself getting closer and closer. Her pussy was so wet. “I’m gonna breed you, pet! When I cum in you, I want you to let go and cum for Master!” he leaned over her, resting his face on her shoulders humping her faster and harder. “Yes Master! Please breed me! Please cum in me! Claim me as yours Please Master!” Her begging and pleading pushed him to his limit. “Cum for your Master, pet!” Her pussy started tightening harder around him and she moaned louder and louder, until her whole body quivered and she started screaming “Master! Ah! Master! Fill me! Fill me! Please! Please!” He sank his teeth in her shoulder as he made a few more powerful thrusts and pulsated inside her. He moaned and pushed himself deep inside her to fill her up with his thick cum. She was shaking under him, and as he pulled out his cum dripped onto the floor. He loosened her restraints, and helped her on her feet. “One last task, pet. Clean up.” He looked at her get on her knees and put him in her mouth, licking off her own juices and his cum, until he was cleaned. She then proceeded to crawl to the spot where his cum had leaked out of her, and lapped it all up from the floor, leaving it clean.


He pulled up his pants, went over to her, pulled her off the floor and hugged her close. “You’re such a good girl. I’m so proud of you. You did so well.” He whispered in her ear. “Let’s go clean you up” He said in a soft, caring voice. He gently took off her ears, the collar, removed the nightgown, and removed the tail plug. She was still shaking. “I’m gonna give you a bath.” He said, and lifted her up in his arms and carried her up to the bathroom in the second story. He wrapped her in a blanket and let her sit on a bed in a guest room as he drew her a bath. “it’s ready for you, princess.” He said. “do you want me to carry you again?” He asked lovingly. She nodded. He placed her in the warm bubbly bath and rolled up his sleeves. He found a little cloth. “Is it okay if I wash you?” She nodded and smiled. He gently washed her arms first, then breasts, stomach and her tender, raw parts. He washed and cleaned her hair. Then he rinsed her off and put a big towel around her, and brushed her hair. “I got you another gift.” He said in a warm tone. “I put it on the guest room bed while you dried off.” She went into the room, and saw a cute pink top and pj pants there. She immediately put it on and ran out to him, hugging him. “You liked them? I’m so happy. I made us a meal, I got you some snacks, and I’ve put on your favourite series. I’m gonna wrap you in a big blanket, and get you some tea.”


“Thank you so much, Master, and Daddy, for being my first.” She said, tears in her eyes.


“I love you.”

“I love you too, pet.”

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