I’m Gothicc Hel, a Lifestyle FemDomme, living in Norway. I’m also an alternative fetish model, with an alluring Goth aesthetic. My FemDom style isn’t quite standard, as I don’t do a lot of kinky sessions, fetish tasks or general play. I do of course have full BDSM scenes occasionally, but it’s not my main focus. I prefer service oriented subs, whom want to improve themselves in their “vanilla” lives as well as become well trained, structured, elite submissives, that are up to my high standards. I’m extremely disciplined, and therefore I’ve become an expert in guiding, shaping and nurturing subs. I create routines, rules, and habits for them to follow, so they may become the best they can be, and therefore worthy of serving me. I create fetish content, make YouTube videos, write erotica, and currently the host of the podcast Kinking Out Loud. I also post pictures of myself and my life on my Instagram, and frequently update and post on my twitter.

I’m a very positive, easy going person. Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve been assertive and had obvious Dominant traits. Even before I discovered what BDSM was, I’ve always been the typical leader of the groups I was in. Being the one who takes charge of activities, tasks and projects always came naturally to me, and nobody ever objected nor complained. I’m a very balanced mixture of Extreme Sadist and Nurturing Maternal figure. This is very clearly reflected in the content I post, and it’s glaringly obvious to my subs who are always at the receiving end of my knife blade constant teasing, cruel humiliation, harsh punishments, mindfucks, tender words, gentle encouragement, and loving comfort. I’ve always been a kindhearted, empathic, nurturing person, and because of that, I focus on taking care of, helping, encouraging, and improving my submissives. But when it comes to their mental and physical health, I will not tolerate neglect. They are obligated to take care of themselves, for their Domme Hel. As this is my lifestyle, I of course spend all my time, energy and emotional labour on this. As such, I expect my subs to reciprocate in the ways they can. They do so by contributing to my life financially and serve me and my needs as I wish. Their goal is to get me where I want. If they no longer contribute to my life, serve a purpose, add to my life or support me they are free to leave my service, or will be dismissed. I will not spend my time tending to submissives who haven’t completely and fully earned it.

My business goals is to improve my brand, frequently post content, grow my audience and increase my cult following on social media and other platforms where I post and share my content.

I will continually produce, edit, post and improve the content I’m known for.