He came home from work late in the afternoon. He opened the door to see his little pet sitting eagerly by the door, in the hallway, nude on her knees.

“Welcome home Master!” She happily said, as her eyes lit up. He smiled. He locked the door behind him, walked right up to her, and took her chin in his hand, making her look up at him. Her lip quivered as she looked at his face. He had that smirk again. That sadistic, lustful smirk. “M-master, your dinner will get cold, it’s at the table” She squealed weakly. His face changed to one of warmth and love. ” Alright pet, have you eaten?” He bent down and kissed her forehead. “Yes, Master” She smiled. “Alright pet. I’ll eat. Now go into the Bedroom and get ready for me.” She got up and hurried into the bedroom. A feeling of excitement, fear, lust and joy filled her mind and body, she wanted above anything to please her Master. She got into the bed and sprawled out on all four. Made sure he could see everything. Then she patiently waited for Him to return.


As he entered the bedroom she held her head down. He walked up to the bed and commanded her to back herself to the edge of the bed. She obediently obliged, and scooted over to him. “Oh my. You’re already soaking. such a dirty little pet.” He taunted her playfully. “Yes, Master, I am ready for you” Her mind started to get cloudy. This was part of his sadistic pleasure. Making her wait for it. He loved denying her. “I want to hear you beg.” He said. She knew exactly what for. “M-master, Please punish me. Please hurt me” She begged softly. “Louder.” He said calmly. “Please Master I want you to hurt me!” She now said loudly. “Good Girl.” He said. He got up and picked the silicone paddle of the wall, which had a lot of different whips, chains, paddles, and restraints. The other insertables were in a cupboard not too far away. After picking up the paddle he walked back to her. She started breathing a bit faster. “If you can take 15 strokes I’ll reward you.” He sounded gleeful. She whimpered quietly. “Yes Master, I want to be rewarded.”


He had given her a few swats with the palm of his hand to warm her ass up for more. She had endured it without uttering a sound. He knew she could take a lot of pain, and that was the fun part for him. To hurt her until she screamed.

He grabbed the paddle. “Count.” He said to her. “Yes Master, I won’t fail” She said, and she almost sounded cocky. He raised the paddle and smacked her ass hard. “One!”. He kept on going like that and she kept counting, never making a sound, until she got to 10, when he started going much harder. He slapped her ass so hard with the paddle, you’d almost think the skin would break. She let out a yelp. “11!!” She started sounding less cocky now. The next 4 strokes made her yelp and squirm, but she never used the safeword. Her ass was bruised from the beating. It felt so warm. He put down the paddle and smacked her ass one more time, and she let out a scream. “Haha, Good Girl. Now, do you want your reward?” He said. “Yes, please Master!” She was so excited she could burst.


He snapped his fingers and she got on her knees on the floor. She looked right into his beautiful brown eyes, that looked like they were shining with sadistic pleasure and lust. She felt her mouth salivating. “Open your mouth, pet” He commanded. His deep voice was enough to make her lose her mind. But hearing him command her with it, made her addicted. She opened her mouth eagerly, never breaking eye contact. He had pulled out his dick and held it right in front of her mouth. “Now do your job, slut.” She felt her brain turn to mush, and enveloped her lips around his cock. Her tongue eagerly twirling around his head while she sucked the tip, then gently bobbing up and down his shaft. He moaned softly. He stroked her hair as she serviced her Master. As she was working diligently to please him, he grabbed her hair tightly with both hands. “Don’t you fucking dare trying to resist.” He growled at her.


She tried to respond to him but she could only make a muffled sound. He started thrusting deep into her mouth, and she gagged on his dick. He was brutally fucking her mouth and she loved every second of it. She felt herself getting wetter and wetter, and he knew it. He slowed down and stopped, pulling his dick out her mouth to let her breathe, and said “You’re such a whore for me. Just a tool for my pleasure.” She panted and drooled, and she uttered a weak “Yes Master I am your whore.” He grabbed her by the throat and forced her on her feet. She felt his hand tighten around it. “You are my property. My toy. My plaything. And I’m gonna fuck you like the fucking cumdumpster you are.” He snarled in her ear as he choked her. He softened his grip and threw her onto the bed. “Say it.” He said, standing over her naked, bruised body. “I only exist to please you, Master. I am yours to do with as you please.” She felt a rush of pleasure wash over her body. He got on the bed and bent over her. She was much shorter than he was. And it turned her on to be helpless.


He pinned her arms down and looked into her eyes. Her eyes were filled with love, desire and a yearning for him. He kissed her neck gently, before biting into it. She yelped and moaned. “You are mine” He snarled. He gripped her throat again and pushed himself into her soaking wet pussy. The lack of air made her tighten around him. “God, I love using you as the fucktoy you are” He moaned as he started thrusting faster and harder. She gasped for air as he gripped her throat. He let go of her throat to hear her better. She moaned softly. He made slowed down, and he could see the desperation in her eyes. He grinned at her. “Beg, slave.” She looked as if she was about to cry. “P-please Master, I want your dick so badly! Please fuck me, please fill me, please!” He bit his lip and smiled at her. “Good slave.” He went harder and harder until her eyes started rolling back into her head, her body tensed up and she gripped him tightly.


He kept his pace but commanded her “Do. Not. Cum.” Her eyes popped open, and she looked as if she was about to be hit by a car. She stuttered “Y-y-e-s Mast-e-r!” between his hard thrusts. “I’m close, bitch. Beg!” he barked at her. “Oh God, Oh God, Please, please Master fill me! Cum in me!” She loudly moaned. Her begging was what he had waited for and grabbed her throat and tightly choked her as he pulsated deep into her pussy, filling her completely. She felt an immense satisfaction that she had pleased her Master and be used for his enjoyment. He let go of her throat and pulled himself out, and his cum poured out of her. “Good Toy.” He said and pet her head. She bowed her head and shyly said “Thank you Master, for letting me please you. It’s my honour to do so.” He smiled and kissed her lips. “You are a unicorn, baby. I’m so lucky to have you.” She looked deeply into his eyes and blushed. “I love you so much Master. I’m only yours. I’m lucky to have you too.”

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