“Oh no, I’m late! He’s gonna be so mad!”

Lilith thought to herself, as she rushed out the door, almost forgetting to lock it behind her. It had been 10 years since she had seen her big brother. Of course, at that time she was just a little girl. Her brother had been away overseas, and now he was back home, and he wanted to see her. He hadn’t even seen their parents, and lillith was told not to tell them he was back. Weird, she thought. “There’s the bus!” She had barely slept last night. It was dark outside. The headlights from the bus almost blinded her. She stepped off the bus and checked her watch. 8.45. Damn. She was almost 30 minutes late. She hurried towards the bar at the end of the pier, almost running. Her heart pounded in her chest. She spotted him standing at the front of the bar, on the wooden steps, arms crossed. His dark brown hair lay messy in his face, his green eyes pierced her as they met hers. “You’re late!” he said sternly. “Sorry! Sorry! I… Forgot the time.” it was true. She had forgotten the time, because she was masturbating. But she would never tell her brother that.


“Haha alright you little baby! Come here!” He laughed warmly and embraced her tightly. He was so much bigger than she was, and his embrace felt like being trapped in a warm, familiar place. She hugged him back. He smiled sweetly at her and nodded at her to follow. They sat down at a table slightly hidden from view. “I already ordered you a drink.” he said and slid it towards her. “Here, drink!” she smiled and took a small sip. He grinned. “Come on, you can do better than that! Drink!” she blushed and tried chugging it all down. Then she gasped for air. “This is non-alcoholic right? You know I don’t drink!” she said, almost embarrassed she drank the whole thing without question. “Ooops. No, sorry! It’s okay, I’ll take care of you!” he laughed and ruffled her hair. She grimaced at him and started feeling a bit ashamed.


30 minutes passed. They had been talking about their childhood. How close they used to be. She began feeling drowsy. Despite only having one drink, she felt so… Sleepy. Dazed.. Confused? “I.. Thibk I wanna go hom..” She slurred to her brother. “Oh, I’ll get you home, sis, don’t worry. You just relax” he propped her up and put her arm around his neck and his arm around her waist. He walked her to his car, and strapped her into the front seat. Her head bobbed sleepily up and down. He drove quietly so as not to wake her up.


She half woke up by a car door slamming shut. “T.. This isn’t my apartment..” she drowsily said, as he lifted her up and carried her in his arms to the unknown house. “No, this is my new house. You need to be looked after, so you’re staying at my place tonight.” He walked inside and up some stairs. He placed her in his big king size bed. “Let’s get your shoes off” he said. She could barely keep her eyes open. She felt completely calm. He took both her shoes off and threw them on the floor. She giggled. “you look warm. Let’s get you more comfortable”. He proceeds to take off her sweater. Then her tank top. Then her pants. He stops. “You’re.. Wearing knee high socks? And sexy black underwear?” he whispered. She had closed her eyes, her mouth half open as she lay on her back in the big bed. No reply.


He stared at her body in the bed. Her pale skin is almost shining in the moonlight. Kneesocks… She looked so cute. He traced one finger down her tummy and over her panties. She moaned very softly. He bent down and kissed her collarbone. No reaction. He lay over her, parting her legs and sat staring down at her. He stroked her pussy through her panties, gently. She moaned softly again. He could feel her warmth radiating through her panties. He stopped a bit. Then he turned her over. She didn’t wake up. He undid her bra. Then flipped her on her back again. Her pale soft breasts looked so inviting. Her pink nipples hardened from the cold air. He leaned over and kissed her nipples, then bit one gently. She let out a soft “aaaah”. “Still not waking up?” he thought to himself. He grabbed her panties and gently slid them down. He threw her underwear on the cold floor. She lay there, in his bed, completely vulnerable and naked. He put one hand on her and rubbed her clit with his thumb. She started moaning. So cute.. He undid his belt with the other hand. He took out his cock. “this is so wrong.” he thought to himself. “but I’ve always wanted to fuck my little sister. That’s why I drugged her.” he convinced himself not to waste the opportunity.


He placed his cock right at her soft, wet pussy. Her lips were touching him. He had never been so hard. She was so wet. So soft. He gently slid the head inside her. He heard her gasp.”Oh fuck. I’m inside my sister.” he thought. He started trusting gently, as not to wake her up. It felt so fucking good. Her pussy was almost drooling. He started going faster. He saw her little sleeping face grimace in pain and pleasure. He couldn’t hold back anymore. He grabbed her hips and pulled her down onto his rock hard cock. Her eyes shot open, and she gasped. “WHAT ARE YOU DOING??” she yelled. He started thrusting in her, keeping a firm grip on her hips, not letting her go. “I’m fucking my sister” he moaned at her, grinning. “S-s-stop! This is wrong!” she gasped in between moans. “You love being fucked by your brother, don’t you?” he said bending over her. He trusted rhythmically, seeing her face getting more and more overtaken by lust. “N-o-o-o-o” she uttered between each thrust.


He slowed down a bit. “Say you love being fucked by your brother or I’m stopping!” he snarled at her. “Aaaah, I.. I LOVE BEING FUCKED BY MY BROTHER!” she screamed. He grinned and placed both hands at her throat. “Well then, get ready to be filled by your brother!” Her eyes widened. He started vigorously thrusting deeper and deeper into her pussy, that seemed to almost run over with her own juices. He moaned. “I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna fill your pussy!” she felt his hands tighten around her throat and his dick pounding her like a jackhammer. He took one last thrust, filling her pussy and womb with his thick, creamy cum. “Oh FUCK!” he yelled as he came inside her. He let her throat go. She gasped for air.

He caught his breath. Pulled out of her and lay down beside her.

“Don’t tell our parents. Or I won’t ever get to fuck you again.” he said laughing

“I won’t.” she blushed, feeling her brother’s cum leak out of her.

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