She had gotten off the plane and was on her way to get her luggage. 

She had never been outside her country before, so she was excited, but scared. A holiday all on her own, and she needed it. She wanted to go sightseeing. And of course, relax. She had just gotten her bags and hailed a cab. So exciting! Her black hair flowed over her shoulders and her black dress barely covered anything. She wouldn’t admit it, but she loved the attention she got when men stared at her. It made her feel good about herself. She directed the taxi to the hotel she was staying at, and went straight to her room. She unhooked her bra, letting her breasts breathe after a very uncomfortable flight.

The room was decently big, with a big bed and big glass window overlooking the busy city. She didn’t feel as tired as she thought she’d be, and she wanted to do a bit of exploring. So she went down to the lobby and asked the receptionist if there was anything fun to do close to the hotel. “Well, since it’s late the only places open are bars and clubs. Depends what you prefer.” The receptionist seemed to judge how she was dressed. Typical American. Not as liberal as the Scandinavians. She preferred to go to a bar instead of a club. A club was too noisy. She made her way to a close by bar, it seemed quiet enough. A few patrons at the bar, and more at the booths. When she walked in she could feel all eyes on her. Not unusual, but this time there were a pair of eyes on her that she wouldn’t want to look at her.


His night had been uneventful so far. So boring, so quiet. He was sick of masturbating. He needed some action. A real girl, and not just a girl fake moaning on a screen. It had been months since the last time he had sex. And every time he hit on a woman she rejected him. He had green eyes, dark hair, and he looked like a big teddy bear. Women seemed to be attracted to him at first, but it always ended the same way. It was frustrating. Nobody seemed to frequent the bar anymore. At least, not in a while.

 And then she walked in. This short, scantily clad, pale woman who looked confident and curious at the same time. She even looked a bit lost. Perfect. He got up from his booth after watching her dit down at the bar and ordering a drink. He sat right next to her and gave her the brightest smile he could muster. “Hi there, are you new here? haven’t seen you here before!” she blushed and smiled a bit shyly. “Haha yes I am! I’m just visiting!” She answered him in a thick Scandinavian accent.

She wasn’t used to being approached by people who weren’t absolutely shitfaced. It was new, and exciting. He looked her up and down, and smirked a bit. “Wow, you are gorgeous!” He said confidently. She smiled brightly and replied “Thank you so much! You’re not too bad yourself.” He felt he had made the right moves to go on, One step further. He smacked her ass and laughed, and said “Damn girl, I’d like to destroy that ass.” She jumped from the impact of his hand and turned to him, looking horrified. “You disgusting creep!” She screamed at him and slapped him in the face. She turned on her heels and stormed out of the bar. She was in such a hurry, that she didn’t notice that he followed her.

She was at her hotel on her way into the elevator. He had kept his fair distance so she wouldn’t see him. At least he knew what hotel she was staying in. He couldn’t risk following her into the elevator, she would immediately recognise him. He would have to be patient. And he was. The next day, he was at her hotel early. Way too early. But it’d be worth it. He saw her exit the hotel, and followed her to a fancy restaurant. 

Damn, she wasn’t wearing the tight little dress she had on last night. Instead she was wearing a tank top and tights. No matter. Her curves filled them out perfectly as they filled the top and bottom. So tempting. But not yet. He had put on a cap and a hoodie. the biggest one, so he didn’t look suspicious. She had left the restaurant and made her way back to the hotel. It was midday, and she was looking perky in the sunshine. He had slowly made his way closer and closer, into the hotel, over the lobby, almost to the elevator.


She had just gotten back from eating out at a nice restaurant. It wasn’t as expensive as she had thought, and that was great. Good food, a nice hotel and a long bath, is what she craved right now, more than anything. She got to the elevator and pulled out her headset and put it on, playing her favourite music. She had absolutely no worries on her mind, and went into the elevator. A big guy with a hoodie rushed into the elevator, but she didn’t think anything about it. She drifted away in her own thoughts, thinking about her relaxing evening ahead of her. Floor after floor more people got on. Her room was on the 3rd floor. When the elevator opened its doors, she rushed out to go to her room, which was at the end of the hallway. She was exhausted and couldn’t wait to get in. she didn’t notice the man who had followed her out of the elevator and was just a few feet behind her.


He had kept his distance so she wouldn’t notice his presence. His cap was almost obscuring his vision but he had locked in on her, as a predator stalking his prey. She had gotten to her room, used her key card and opened the door, and that was when he pounced on her. He grabbed the door, forcefully held it open, and pushed her into the room. She fell face first, completely unprepared for the sudden impact of his shove. He slammed the door shut, making sure the door locked shut behind him. She had dazedly started to get up from the floor, barely getting off it before he had put his knee on her back and grabbed a fistful of her hair. She shrieked, and he jerked her head up. “HELP ME! HELP!” she screamed at the top of her lungs. 

He grabbed her throat with his free hand and snarled “You’d better shut the fuck up or I will snap your neck like a twig” The brutality in his voice made her feel dread. She froze completely and didn’t make a sound. He pulled his knee away and grabbed both of her arms, and pulled her to her feet. He had let go of her throat, and she whimpered meekly “why are you doing this to me…?” He leaned in and whispered in her ear “because you deserve it, you fucking whore” 

He grabbed the back of her neck and put the other hand firmly on her back and pushed her forward, forcing her to walk to the bed. He shoved her onto the clean white sheets and she let out a yelp. She was taking a chance and whipped around on her back hoping she had a chance to escape. He was already on top of her, his hand covering her mouth and his other hand pinning her hands over her head. She stared right into those horrifyingly familiar ice blue eyes, full of rage. 

Her emerald green eyes screamed in fear, and she started kicking her legs violently as he had straddled her stomach, not pinning her feet. He let go of her mouth and slapped her face hard, making her feel dizzy. Instantly after he grabbed her throat, pinning her in place. He let go of her hands, and yanked her tank top down, exposing her bare breasts. “I expected that a filthy slut like you wouldn’t have a bra on! But did you put on panties?” He mocked her. She gasped and grabbed his arm trying to make him loosen his grip. That only made him squeeze harder. 

He felt his insatiable lust build up inside of him, seeing her at his mercy. Helpless. Scared. He grazed his hand over her breasts, teasingly moving his fingers down onto her stomach and to her tights he slipped his hand down, feeling her bare pussy. “Oh you want this, so badly” He smirked at her. “No panties, just begging for it!” She squeaked, feeling his fingers slightly loosen the grip. He let go of her throat and jumped off her, to the edge of her bed, but wasted no time letting her get the chance to run away. 

He grabbed her tights with both hands and pulled them off in one yank, while she whimpered loudly. He grabbed her by her arm and flipped her around, forcing her on her hand and knees, naked, crying and exposed. He grabbed her hair, and slapped her ass firmly. She let out a defeated shriek. “Oh looks like you’re all ready for me, you little tease! you’re gonna get what you’ve been begging for!” he pulled down his pants and took out his thick cock, already wet from the immense power trip he was on. 

He held her hair like a leash, and forced his way into her. She screamed as the pain from his big cock stretched her out. “mmm fuck you’re the tightest bitch I’ve ever fucked!” He moaned and pulled her hair tighter as he thrusted in and out of her, hitting her cervix over and over, finding such a perverse joy in her pain and fear. Every thrust he made made her sob and scream a bit more. He slapped her ass forcefully, making her endure more pain for his sadistic pleasure. He pulled out after a while, deciding this wasn’t enough. She had humiliated him. Now it was her turn. 

He pulled her out of the bed by her feet, as she tried holding on to the sheets desperately trying to stay put. She screamed once more “NO, PLEASE NO, NO!” he got her on her feet, grabbed her arms, and turned her face to face. He towered over her, and stared at her intensely. “such a pretty little slut should be shown off like the fucking whore she is.” he smiled at her. The cold kind of smile that sent chills down her spine. He dragged her by her wrist, tugging her along, to the glass window. He pushed her body up against the glass, pressing her breasts and face against the glass and shoved his dick inside her, thrusting quickly and forcefully, making her exposed body press against the cold glass repeatedly. 

Her whimpers and tears running down the glass didn’t stop him from continuing to violently fuck her, making her feel humiliated to be exposed to possible people looking up to the 3rd floor seeing her get raped like a little helpless ragdoll being thrown around At his will. He moaned loudly, and sneered at her “you love when people look at your dirty naked body, don’t you, my little fucktoy? You little whore, you love being used.” He thrusted harder, but slower, each thrust ramming his big cock into her, pressing her more against the glass, and making him closer and closer. He grabbed her hair and tugged her hard, throwing her onto the floor. 

She lay there for a second, before getting on her feet quickly, running towards the door, she got to it and had just unlocked the door and started opening it. He leapt across the room, easily catching up to her and slammed the door shut with his hand, making her utter a startled shriek. He grabbed her throat and pushed her into the wall, and managed to lift her tiny body up against the wall until she was at eye level with him. She had grabbed his hand with both her hands, struggling to breathe and clawing desperately at her attackers hand. “We’re not done. You’re not getting away.” 

He growled at her, throwing her onto the floor again, but this time grabbing her head and pressing her face against the floor, lifting her hips up so she was on her knees. He slammed his dick in her, making her scream and squirm, begging “Please let me go! I’m sorry! Please!” He laughed. “No fucking way. This is too good. I’m gonna fill your whore cunt up, like the fucking desperate cumdumpster you are!” He grabbed both her hands, forcing her body up. He held her hands like grips, and fucked her harder, pushing her hips into him, getting closer, hearing her scream, beg, cry and whimper. 

The intoxicating power he had over her was driving him crazy. “Mmmm I’m gonna cum!” He moaned, increasing his speed, hammering into her, faster and faster, feeling her pussy tighten around her as her fear intensified. He took a few, last, hard thrusts, each one filling her up more and more. He let go of her arms and pushed her onto the floor. Her body had no more fight, she lay there, used and broken, face tear stained and cum dripping out of her. He put his dick away but couldn’t help but leave her one last parting gift. He spat on her face, and coldly uttered “Now you’ve learned your fucking place, you worthless whore.” He exited the hotel room, leaving her lying on the floor.

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