He was staring at her from the back of the bus.


She had come on about 6 stops back. She was absolutely gorgeous. Long hair, pale skin, a black sweater, jeans and thigh high boots. Perfect. She sat down in the middle of the bus, probably because it was lighter there. She was wearing a headset… Looks like one of those new wireless noise cancelling ones. She seemed to be completely in her own world, oblivious to her surroundings. Like it was just her in her own bubble. She was staring absentmindedly at her phone. It was a dark evening..  Not uncommon for early fall. The bus drove further away from the bright lights of the city. It looked like it drove through a forest. The bus had passed his stop a while ago. He was fixated on her. He couldn’t stop looking at her. He saw her reach out and press the stop button. The bus slowed down, and she got off, putting on a big black backpack. She didn’t notice the dark hooded figure that slinkered out the back of the bus… And vanished between the trees.


It was a full moon. But the density of the trees on the small forest pathway almost completely blocked the moonlight out. It was very quiet, no wind. But with the headset she wore, she couldn’t hear the quietness. She did look around her a bit more than she would. There could be dangerous animals out there… She walked slowly on the dark path. But in her peripheral vision she saw something… Rustling?


He could see her through the trees. He stalked her, like a predator stalks his prey. The moonlight shone through the small canopy, illuminating a part of her body like she was a beacon in the night. He shuffled gently through the brush and branches, being careful not to make any sound. He rustled some branches. She stopped for a moment. And took her headset off. Fuck. She won’t be as easy to take down now. But this might make the hunt more interesting… He thought to himself.


She had removed her headset. The rustling made her feel uneasy. Like she was being watched… She glanced quickly against the treeline. The forest was pitch black. She couldn’t see a damn thing. Maybe that was a good thing. She started walking a bit faster. Her eyes glancing at the tree line just making sure there wasn’t anything there. She was intensely listening for any unfamiliar sounds. It was probably just a small animal.. Nothing to be scared of! she reassured herself. Just as the thought of being safe had settled in her head, she heard a loud rustling just behind her. She quickly turned around like her life was in danger, maybe it was a wolf, or a bear or a –


It wasn’t an animal. It was much worse. Standing there, a few meters away, was a hooded, dark figure, like a shadow, standing there like he was going to pounce.  She couldn’t see his face. The only thing the weak moonlight was lighting up, was the reflection of a blade, that he was clutching in his right hand. She didn’t even try to scream, in the shock of seeing this hooded figure, she turned around and started running as fast as her legs could carry her. She could hear him running too. She felt her heart pounding in her chest, and she got an idea. She strayed from the forest path, and started running right into the thick woods. Hopefully she would lose him in the brushes. She heard twigs snapping behind her, brush being run through, and heavy breathing. She turned her head around, even for a second, to see if she could see her pursuer. 


She didn’t see anything. She turned forward again, but before she could run any further, she heard a gunshot. The loud sound startled her so much she tripped and fell onto the soft moss. She covered her ears and tried staying as silent as possible. She couldn’t hear anything. She gently moved her head up to see anything at all. Her heart stopped. The hooded figure was crouched down before her, grinning. He was holding a gun. She opened her mouth, but as soon as she did, the cold steel of the barrel was pressed into her temple. “Don’t scream, sweetheart. I’ve got a trigger finger.” he said in a cold voice. Her blood froze in her veins.

“You’re gonna get on your knees. I’m going to stick my cock in your mouth. If you bite, I’m gonna blow your brains out.” He smiled. Her lip quivered. She nodded. With the gun still pointed at her head, he grabbed her arm and forced her up on her knees. 


Her eyes brimmed with tears as he unzipped his fly, revealing a hard cock. He pressed it against her lips, but she refused to open her mouth. He laughed. He removed the gun and shot into a nearby tree. The sound made her shriek. “You hear that darlin’? That’s the last thing you’re gonna hear if you don’t open that pretty mouth.” He pointed the gun at the top of her head. She quivered all over. She reluctantly opened her mouth. He stuck his dick into her warm, wet mouth. She tried to suck him off, hoping it was good enough. “Stop that. All you need to do is keep your mouth open” His words were like daggers. She stopped. He grabbed her hair firmly and shoved himself into her mouth. She felt like she was going to choke. He laughed, and started fucking her mouth violently. She started tearing up and gagged, but he didn’t slow down at all. With a gun to her head and his cock shoved down her throat, she couldn’t do anything. 


He grabbed the back of her head and pushed her all the way down his shaft, making her unable to breathe at all. “I love that you can’t breathe. Maybe I should just let you choke on it and die.” He snickered. She looked up at him with pleading eyes and tried pushing him away as she felt darkness starting to close in. He held her head until he saw her eyes roll back into her head and her body go limp.


Perfect… Finally the bitch passed out. I’m going to have a blast. He was excited at the sight of her unconscious body on the forest floor. He tied up her arms firmly, and laid her on her back. He kneeled over her, and gave her face a backhanded slap. Her eyes opened and she let out a yelp. He quickly pulled out a knife and pressed the sharp edge under her chin. “Lie still.” He growled. He sliced her sweater open, while she whimpered. Then he stood up, grabbed her boots and jeans and pulled both off. She lay naked on the cold dewey moss. He whipped out his cock and grabbed her throat with one hand. He slammed into her, she let out a yelp. He slapped her face hard, grinning as she started sobbing. He felt her warmth. He started going slowly, slow and deliberate, grinning at her pain and fear. Each time he entered her she whimpered while tears streamed down her face. 


In an instant he grabbed her throat and squeezed firmly as he felt a primal urge taking over. She gasped. He started going faster, the look in her eyes were intoxicating. She wheeze for air. He started fucking her brutally, Putting his whole weight into each thrust. Harder, and harder, so she knew how worthless she was. Just a fucktoy. The force of him raping her was unbearably painful. The pain & fear gave him drive to continue using her like the little whore she was. Her wheezing and choking made her pussy squeeze him hard, and she started to black out. The intense pain of him brutally forcing himself into her, her overwhelming fear, his hands enveloping her throat, it was too much. She passed out, and as she did, he felt a wave of pleasure wash over him as he saw her eyes close and felt her body going limp once again. He thrusted into her one last time, pulsating inside her unconscious body, filling her up. He had captured his prey.

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