She went to the city on a Saturday. 


She didn’t really drink, she was just curious. She wanted to see if she really dared meeting this complete stranger, who had contacted her online, a few weeks ago. He seemed really nice. He had completely charmed her, despite the fact that she was very shy and preferred to be alone. She had taken the trip to the downtown bar, the place he had suggested they meet for the first time. She had gone in, sat down by the bar and waited. Scored the bar nervously, to see if she could catch a glimpse of him. They were supposed to meet at seven, right?


She pulled out her phone and bit her lip anxiously. No messages. The bar was almost full to capacity, maybe he hadn’t spotted he? She started getting more anxious by the minute. An hour passed. He hadn’t replied to any of her messages. Time to call it quits. She got up from the bar and started pushing her way through the crowd. Not exactly easy for a short girl. She finally stepped out of the bar and took a deep breath. She felt kind of relieved. What was she thinking? Meeting a guy she had only known for a few weeks. She avoided the crowded places as much as possible, and kept to the shadows. She didn’t want to be noticed.


She slithered into a dark alleyway. The place was quiet as the grave. She quickly glanced behind her. “Was that…? No, it couldn’t have. I’m just scared.” She felt like she was being watched. She began walking quicker. She heard steps behind her. Quick, heavy steps. Then she heard a chilling laugh. This startled her to her core, and instinctively she started running. She was too scared to look behind her, to catch a glimpse of who was chasing her. She heard the now running steps, come closer and closer. Her heart pounded in her chest. Her legs, her damn legs, were too short, and she couldn’t get away fast enough. She felt the panic take over her mind. She hadn’t noticed she had run straight into a graveyard, and how uneven the ground was….


She felt her foot caught in something, which made her stumble and fall. Her body med the soft dirt with a “thud”. Her face down in the dewy grass. She didn’t have time to process her fall, before she felt the weight of a person on top of her back. Her wrists were grabbed with one hand and pinned them down. She opened her mouth to scream, but it quickly turned to silence as a big, blank knife was driven into the ground right beside her face. She saw her own terrified expression in the blade of the knife.


A voice growled in her ear “Don’t you know it’s dangerous for a cute little girl like you to walk alone, in the city, at this hour?” She couldn’t move, scream or speak. She felt completely paralysed by fear. “This is the end.” she thought. “This is when I die”.

“You shouldn’t have made yourself so irresistible. Such a lovely prey you are. It’s exactly what predators like me look for when we hunt.” He grabbed her hair and propped up her head. He pulled the knife out of the ground, and put it right below her chin. She could feel the sharpness of the blade pressed against her soft skin.


She didn’t dare move an inch. She knew this was the end. He leaned close to her face and whispered in her ear: “This is what’s going to happen, Doll. I’m going to do whatever I want to you. You will not scream. Unless you want that pretty little throat cut. Not a fucking peep. Do you understand, bitch?” She whimpered quietly. He grabbed her hair more firmly and repeated, louder; “DO YOU FUCKING UNDERSTAND?!”

She jumped a little, the knife feeling like it was about to bury itself in her throat and squealed “Y-yes”


“Good Girl. We’re going to have so much fun.” He let go of her hair. Removed the knife from her throat and slammed it into the ground next to her face. She could feel the force of the blade being struck into the ground. She hears him rustle around for something. Her hands are suddenly put behind her back, and the distinct sound of zip ties enclosing her wrists, binding them together. She felt a blindfold being tied over her eyes, and everything went black. She heard the sound of duct tape being loosened, and felt him put tape over her mouth. “We don’t want you to stop the fun by screaming too soon, now would we?” He taunted.


She felt her feet being duct taped as well. She couldn’t see. Move. Scream. Nothing.

He hurls her over his shoulder. A car door is opened, and she felt herself being thrown somewhere. Followed by a “Thunk”. She knew this was the trunk of a car. It was so quiet.

What felt like eternity passed. Time seemed to have stopped. Suddenly she notices the car engine turns off. She hears the trunk opens. A hand touches her mouth and rips off the tape. “What are you going to do to me?” she managed to whimper.

He sounded cold and excited. “Oh, You’ll see very soon, babydoll.” she felt her body was thrown over this man’s shoulder. He stroked her ass gently and gave it a swat while carrying her. 


She heard stairs, a door locked, and then felt herself being thrown on something soft. Like a mattress? She didn’t have time to react, until she felt herself being propped up, knees on the floor and her upper body on the soft mattress. She felt her feet having the duct tape cut off. She couldn’t even move before she felt something being placed on her feet. The distinct sound of chains, dragging across a concrete floor could be heard. “You must be so curious by now” He snarled at her. She didn’t say a word. He laughed coldly. “you’re chained to the floor. I don’t want to lose my new toy.”

“please, let me go!” she finally managed to say. She was terrified.

“Begging already? It won’t be the last time.”


she heard the sound of metal… What kind of metal?

“I found something we can play with, my little plaything.”

she felt a hand lift her top slightly, in the back. Then she felt the coldness of a blade slide under her top. “Please, please stop! Don’t hurt me!” she begged.

“hurt you? Ahaha, I’m not going to hurt you, yet.”

He started cutting her top off. Sliced right through her fabric. Her bra as well. She whimpered.

“I’m begging you please don’t hurt me” she stuttered.

He ran the knife’s edge over her bare back.

She shuddered.

He cut off her tights and panties, slowly. She whimpered and shuddered.

“Now the real fun begins” he sighed contently.


She lay vulnerable, tied up, naked at the bed’s edge. The perfect victim.

He went to get his many toys. His whips, his chains, his knives, and many restraints.

He had been looking forward to this for so many years. He had fantasised about it. Watched extremely fake pornos about it. Read a lot of stories, even roleplayed online. Now. He finally had managed to capture a victim. He had been so incredibly charming to her online. She had her walls up at first, but after she started trusting him, luring her out in the open was way too easy. The thrill of the hunt. As they say. He made damn sure she wasn’t going to tell anyone where she was going. Of course she wouldn’t, since they had met on a fetish forum. Perfect. Encrypted, anonymous, used a VPN and fake name. They would never find her.


He found his sharpest knife, and entered the basement he kept her locked up in. He lived far out in the countryside, just for this occasion. In case he found a victim like her. He had sharpened his blades ever since they started talking. And now he was walking down the stairs to start his fantasy.


She whimpered again. He flipped her over on the mattress. The room was dimly lit, because of the lack of windows, and was only lit up by a lamp. But he could still see her naked body. Pale skin, gorgeous breasts and a pretty little pussy. “my, what a beautiful canvas you are.” he almost drooled at the thought. He unsheathed his knife. He started unbuckling his belt. “Please, don’t do this to me” she sounded like she was on the verge of tears. He felt his dick getting harder than he had ever been. The sight of her vulnerable and on the verge of crying was the hottest thing he had ever experienced. But it was about to get better. 


He leaned over her with the sharp knife. He placed her on the bed. He sat on his knees, spread her legs and took off his shirt. He wouldn’t want to make his white shirt messy. Her bottom lip started quivering. He placed the knife on her cheek. She whimpered. He made a quick cut. She gasped, and started whimpering again. This time he could see her coming closer to breaking. He grabbed her throat, and she gasped again. She gasped for air. He licked the blood from her cheek. She tasted so fucking good. He let go of her throat and replaced his hands with his knife. “P-please don’t kill me” she begged so sweetly for her life. “kill you?” He said. “It’s no fun to play with a smashed toy” he said almost hurt. “now lie still, don’t fucking move a muscle. Unless you want to die.”


she complied, and started silently weeping. This was the final straw for him. He nicked her throat. Not enough to kill her, but she started bleeding. Her hands above her head, now shackled to the bed with handcuffs, weren’t safe either. He made a few swipes, slashing her wrists. She bled more profusely there. He took off his boxers, while admiring his victim. She was sobbing, terrified and bleeding now. He threw the knife beside her on the bed, and licked her bleeding wrist. Oh, the taste. The fucking great taste of panic, pain and fear. His cock was hard as rock. Time to use his toy as he had intended. 


He forcefully entered her, and as he did she screamed. “NO! STOP! PLEASE! STOP!” he started going slowly, in and out of her. Every single thrust made her squeeze him harder. As he started going a bit faster, she sobbed. He licked the blood off her wrists. The taste of her blood, the feel of her pussy, the sound of her sobbing. He was so happy he had started recording this..

She writhed in agony and fear underneath him. She looked so gorgeous. But he wanted her to see. He wanted to see her. So he ripped off her blindfold as he thrust himself into her. She gasped, and he could see her fear clearly in her eyes. She screamed. He moaned…

“Fight back, Doll. Fight back or I will kill you” He said roughly. She started squirming, writhing, screaming, crying and fighting for her life. He Slapped her hard, in the face. She got quiet for a moment. Then he grabbed her bloody throat. He forced himself into her, harder and harder. He squeezed her throat harder, and as he did, her pussy squeezed him. It was the best sex he ever had. He let go of her throat, she gasped for air.


“I’m going to fill your pussy soon” He moaned while slamming into her.

“NO, DON’T, PLEASE I DON’T WANT TO GET PREGNANT!” she screamed and cried. He slapped her face again, and sank his teeth into her bleeding neck wound. She screamed again. The pain was unbearable. He licked the blood off her neck as he started thrusting harder and faster. “STOP! STOP! STOOOP!” she felt like she was going to die. He tasted her sweet blood, mixed with her tears. Her screams. Her resistance, her fear, it was driving him crazy. He slammed into her one last time, and she felt his cock pulsating into her. His thick cum filled her up. She sobbed.


He got up from the bed. His face covered in her blood. The bed, full of blood, tears, sweat and now. His cum dripping out of her pussy. She looked like she had died. Although a gorgeous sight, he wanted her alive.


He had finally gotten himself the perfect plaything.

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