In the podcast “Kinking Out Loud”, Gothicc Hel discusses how to avoid scams in the femdom community. Key points include watching for red flags such as immediate demands for submission, requests for personal information, and absence of negotiations about limits and safe words. Not having a professional website isn’t necessarily a red flag. Careful research and critical thinking can help protect against deceitful and exploitative relations.Continue Reading

Welcome to my first podcast episode on the new podcast Kinking Out Loud. My name is Gothicc Hel and I am going to talk to you about my experiences in femdom, as I’ve been a lifestyle femdomme for the last six years. Hopefully you’ll enjoy my stories and somehow getContinue Reading

Hello and welcome back to Kinking Out Loud with me, Gothicc Hel. Today I’d like to talk about a subject that is kind of personal in nature, about being a Domme. You see, many people ask, how can I be a Domme? And many people will tell you all sortsContinue Reading

Hello and welcome back to Kinking Out Loud with me, Gothicc Hel. Today I want to talk about service submission. And yes, simply explained, service submission is exactly what it sounds like. Someone who enjoys servicing you as an act of submission. Believe it or not, there are different kindsContinue Reading

The content is about seeking a FemDomme or a dominant partner, with advice on where to look, such as Reddit, Twitter, FetLife, and various BDSM communities. The user stresses the importance of understanding one’s own desires and expectations within a BDSM relationship, remaining aware of potential red flags, and maintaining anonymity online. It underlines the necessity of proper research, personalized interaction, and genuine respect due to potential partners, along with a warning against desperation or impersonal, copy-pasted messages.Continue Reading

I would like to talk about an unnecessarily controversial topic, which is men having feelings, I guess. Like, I see it all over the place, especially in these alpha male podcasts type bullshit, where, you know, I don’t even have to mention names. You probably have someone in mind rightContinue Reading

Today’s topic is objectification. Something that is absolutely not okay, unless consented to. Objectification is one of my favorite kinks, and today I’m going to explain to you what it is. Objectification, especially in a sexual context, is being treated solely as a sexual object, as it is generally doneContinue Reading

In today’s society, we find ourselves entangled in a disturbing practice where young women are often objectified and manipulated. This grim reality forms the crux of our latest discussion on Gothiccast, where we aim to unmask and challenge this deeply unsettling paradigm. According to this flawed perspective, men place theContinue Reading