I would like to talk about an unnecessarily controversial topic, which is men having feelings, I guess.

Like, I see it all over the place, especially in these alpha male podcasts type bullshit, where, you know, I don’t even have to mention names. You probably have someone in mind right the fuck now who says that, Oh, you cannot show a woman any types of feelings. You can’t be vulnerable in front of her because she will think that you are weak.

And I am here to tell you… That is just fucking stupid. It is actually the complete opposite, for me at least, and most of the girls slash women that I know. I actually think less of men who are so fucking closed off that they are unable to show any type of feeling whatsoever. Because guess what? I am not into dating a fucking robot.

I want to have someone who actually has feelings. And if a guy is actually able to open up to me, to be vulnerable, to show me that he actually has fucking feelings, like an actual human being, that is the most touching shit. ever, and it’s so attractive to me. I actually don’t think that a man is showing weakness or anything if he’s crying in front of me.

Do you know how fucking brave, tough, and fucking manly you have to be to be able to cry in front of anyone as a man in this goddamn culture that enforces gender stereotypes to the degree That being a man is automatically grounds for making you feel like a pussy if you show emotion. It is completely fine to open up to someone and, you know, let the masculine fucking front you have up all the time slip sometimes, it’s fine.

You don’t have to pretend to be all emotionless, stone faced, macho man all the time. And by the way… Nothing is more attractive to me than a guy who is able to show that kind of vulnerability in front of, you know, Me, but also other people. If I see in media, like in movies, or series, or whatever, men who actually cry, and men who are actually able to show each other vulnerabilities, and hug, and shit like that, it makes me…

So touched, it touches me so much, cause I love seeing that kind of thing. And no, it’s not because I have some sort of weird kink, I guess. I just think it’s much more manly and masculine to not give a fuck what other men think is manly and masculine. It is just very attractive to me. And yeah, maybe I like soft boys, but you don’t have to be a soft boy to be, you know, in touch with your feelings.

Like come on guys. Let me see you cry. Let me hear how you feel. Tell me everything about what hurts you, what makes you sad. Let me see you actually have a goddamn reaction to sad things and not just look like you’re watching a boring fucking football match or something like that. If you see Fry’s dog in that particular Futurama episode and you don’t cry, I will literally think that you are a goddamn psychopath.

Like dude, if the dog dies in any kind of fucking show and you don’t cry, even a little bit, I will wonder what the fuck is wrong with you. You don’t look tough. You don’t look cool. You don’t make me think that you are more manly. I just think that you are just a scare little bitch hiding your actual emotions because you’re afraid to seem weak and that is actually less manly than crying.

And no, this is not berating any of the people who are listening, who actually has a hard time showing their feelings. I understand that. Opening up is incredibly difficult. Being in touch with your emotions, or actually no, being vulnerable with someone is very hard. I understand that. I am NOT Talking negatively about that.

I am talking negatively about those guys who literally tell other men they are weak. Less manly and unattractive for showing emotions, for crying, for having some sort of reaction other than rage. Like, who the fuck are you to tell someone else That they are supposed to not feel a certain way. You are making it so much harder for everyone else to actually show emotions and open up, and it’s already so hard in the first place.

Like, I think it’s so important to stop this fucking messaging that being a man means you have to be void of emotion. Don’t ever. Let anyone call you a weak man just because you cry at something. The person who is calling you weak for doing that is a very insecure person, I can tell you that from experience.

Just please. Try to understand that it’s not you there’s something wrong with. Having emotion is fucking normal. I cry almost every day. It’s normal. It shouldn’t be something that is shamed so much as it is. I think gender stereotypes are just out of fucking control. It’s weird. Anyways, thank you so much for listening to this first episode of Untied and Unrelated.

I’m Gothic Hel. Please tune in to whatever the hell I’m talking about next time.

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