Despite so much heartache and pain,My soul remains the same. My spirit is a raging storm, filled with thunder and lightning.That is how I have the strength to keep fighting. I’ve already faced my very worst fears.So I became wise, beyond my years. I have taken so much abuse,You’d thinkContinue Reading

When my heart is warm and glowingMy serene and peaceful place is knowing That I exist in the middle of a world that can be as beautiful as it is cruelAnd that is what my soul uses as its fuel When the skies are black and the rain is pouringContinue Reading

Void, swallowing my every thought, every desire.If I could feel anything, anything at allI’d probably feel like I was on fire. Motionless drifting through the empty blackness, apathic and alone in this life, it’s just a passing dream.If I had lungs full of air, instead of emptiness I know IContinue Reading