I’ve always been intelligent and manipulative. Knowing just how to seduce a man to give me what I want without having to give much of anything in return. My personality, my looks, my charm. And the guys wanting to give me anything i want just to be in my life, knowing that living without me would be grey, empty, boring. I have many friends, most of them male, who will contact me offering something to try to entice me to hang out with them. But rarely it works. It needs to be enticing. It needs to be worth it. Yes, I always ask myself this when it comes to choosing with whom to spend my time with; “Will I be bored? Will this bring me anything? Will I get something for it?” If the answer to these questions are no, I will not be the least bit interested. You be got to stimulate my mind and curiosity for me to play the age old game of Hunter and hunted. But those who have done everything right and gained my interest, have had experiences they have never forgotten. Even years after, meeting old friends or playmates, they will tell me how fondly they remember their time with me. Or, if they continue nurturing my mind, greed and curiosity, they are still around. I cherish a good friendship over a quick buck. But don’t make the mistake of thinking you can be just interesting and fun and still keep me around. I have plenty of toys. When they stop being new and fun, what stops me from discarding them, and going back to my old toys who still shed gifts and cash when I shake them? You can be the most interesting and fun guy in the world, but I promise you, I’ve yet to meet a living person who is interesting, fun, playful and can make me stick around without the financial aspect. And yes, I do play with subs for free. Because I enjoy it, I enjoy them, and when I am done I don’t have to see or talk to them until the next time I spontaneously want to play. You will never be that. A good sub starts from the will to serve selflessly, not from wanting to offer yourself as some kind of special toy. There are unlimited men who want to be my lovers, just as there are unlimited “free” subs who want to be my playthings. Those who pay, they grow on me. I see them as prey more and more. We bond. We trust. They turn into the subs I want. The subs I play with. Don’t think You’re any special, until you are special to me.

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