Void, swallowing my every thought, every desire.
If I could feel anything, anything at all
I’d probably feel like I was on fire.

Motionless drifting through the empty blackness, apathic and alone in this life, it’s just a passing dream.
If I had lungs full of air, instead of emptiness I know I would scream.

Will I float towards that radiant star, or into  that black hole?
I guess I don’t care. It’s such a sad thing. When you’ve lost your soul.

Everything around me is deafeningly silent & pitch black.
I’m alone in the universe, because there’s something I lack.

I cannot find the courage to scream for help.
In this unending void, the wolf is just a scared little whelp.

I pray someone sees my eyes are screaming,
Are these my thoughts or am I just dreaming?

My lungs are unchanged, still without a breath
I’m rapidly sinking towards my own death.

In this empty black sea, I will drown.
Please don’t let me die on my own.

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