Hopefully this will educate and help you new subs who are curious about FinDom.

  1. Do your research. FinDom is short for financial Domination, and is a type of fetish. Simplified, it’s a fetish where the submissive pleases their Domme by paying or gifting her. He gets his pleasure from the paying itself. But this fetish is more complex than that and often involves humiliation & power exchange too.
  2. A good way to come in contact with a FinDomme you admire, is through research. Serious Dommes who love this fetish have plenty of free information readily available on Twitter, fetlife, findoms, or their own website. Many also have clips, which you should purchase if you wish to know how she Dominates etc. Do not message a Domme without two vital things, your knowledge about her and a Tribute. Ps. Purchasing her content, such as clips, used panties and such is NOT a tribute and does not entitle you to her time.
  3. You should never expect anything for giving your money to a Domme. The giving of money, IS the Domination. If you don’t feel good about giving away your money, or you’re trying to save money, get things for cheap, then you need to think if this really is a fetish you have or if you just like to get the benefits without the sacrifice.
  4. When addressing a Domme, use her chosen title and name, and capitalise it. Example; I go by Goddess Hel. You should address me as Goddess Hel. You may also ask the Domme you wish to speak to, politely, what she prefers to be addressed by.
  5. When messaging a Domme you would like to get to know or serve, first give a tribute. Save up if you have to. Don’t be cheap. Most Dommes Have a minimum set, and you should have done enough research to know what it is. After you’ve sent the tribute, message her. DO NOT WRITE JUST HI. This is uninteresting and will not be answered, most of the time. You can start by saying “I tributed you  *title, name*, I hope I’m worthy to of a little of your time”. Then you should introduce yourself, but keep it short. Then tell her why you wish to serve HER, & why she should let you serve.
  6. Sessions. Many submissives think a tribute is payment for a session. They also think FinDom and ProDom is the same thing, as both involve money. These things are NOT the same. ProDom (Professional Domination) is primarily to offer bdsm services for money. Many FinDommes do this in addition, also called Pay for Play. When you message a Domme, asking for a session, and she tells you her prices, the stupidest reply you can give is “Sorry I’m not into FinDom.”. You look like a moron.
  7. FinDom can be practiced online, in real-time, over text, cam sessions, phone, etc. However, not all Dommes offer every service. Make sure you know what she does and doesn’t offer. Make sure you know her preferences.
  8. Be open and honest. You should tell your Domme your income, how much you can afford each month, week etc, your limits, and of course fetishes, but if you start with these things, without a tribute, intro, or even a hi, you will be IGNORED. Trust Takes time. Build it. Any Domme who takes this seriously will put in huge amounts of effort, but only if you’re willing to prove you are too.
  9. Finally, saying you’ve been scammed before, is old as time. You were the one dumb enough not to do research. If you follow my tips and put in effort before you go into a lust filled fog, you won’t be scammed. 

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