1. Just starting out? Read about fetishes. About kink. Practice with a trusted friend.
  2. Choose a good performer name. Don’t choose one you already have connections with. Like gamertag or YouTube username. Find something that reflects on you, but make sure it’s not taken. Be unique.
  3. You are doing sex work. There’s no coming around it. Findom is sex work. If you plan on having a career where being a sex worker can harm your chance of getting a job later, don’t do it. Even if you use a stage name and cover your face. You can be outed by a vengeful sub or a Domme. Make sure you know what you’re getting into.
  4. Don’t put “Verified” in your bio. Even if you put out a clip saying your name. Verification comes from others, you cannot verify yourself. It’s too easy to fake or steal. Ask domireview, royal interview, or sign up for findoms.com.
  5. This is not easy or even free work. You should have multiple sources of income and you should already have an income before beginning with this. It’s not stable work and it greatly varies. I recommend starting doing clips, find a fetish you truly enjoy and make clips, even if it’s unrelated to findom. The more effort, work, time and money you put in the more you will potentially earn.
  6. Invest in good camera equipment and microphone; if you plan on doing clips. Quality gets noticed. If you can’t afford It, use your phone until you can. Smartphones have a good quality of picture. If you don’t have good lighting, use natural daylight.
  7. When it comes to payment options, do not use PayPal, Amazon, Google wallet, Skrill, etc. They have in their TOS that they do not allow sex work. Circlepay, pervoutpay, iwantclips and clipsites work. And when it comes to wishlist options, DO NOT USE AMAZON. For one thing, if you don’t have a PO box set up, subs can see your address. And Amazon will shut down your account if they find your WL offensive or is found out to be used for sex work. Amazon will also shutdown your account & take your money if a sub claims his card got stolen and used by someone else. Use Deliverycode.com for wishlist service. They are made by and for sex workers. You can add products from all over the world including Amazon there, and receive money that you can either withdraw to your bank account or add to giftcard balance.
  8. Subs will ask you for verification. Either a picture, a short clip, or a quick cam session. Don’t fall for this. It’s an attempt at getting a free session without paying. They will say they were previously scammed. That’s not your problem is It?
  9. Never do a session with a sub before he pays. This is important.
  10. Do not respond to anyone who says “I need to be drained” “recovering findom addict” “who wants my money” etc. This is purely for attention and you look desperate if you reply “Dm me”.
  11. There’s no one way of doing findom. We are all different types of people and we dominate differently. Don’t worry about what more seasoned Dommes do. If you just keep up your hard work you will succeed. Don’t ever copy another Domme. Take inspiration.
  12. Never ever poach another Dommes sub. If he’s loyal he will tell her and shut you down and you will get a bad rep. If he’s owned, back off. Plenty of unowned subs around.
  13. A tribute does not mean you own a sub. Neither does it mean you should put him under consideration. Most subs will tribute then dissapear for a while, probably tributing another Domme. You do not own him for tributing you.
  14. Do not bash or speak ill of any other Dommes. You’re not better than everyone else. Your only competition is yourself, and alienating Dommes will reflect badly on YOU. Make friends and connections.
  15. Subs are human too. Don’t immediately start humiliating them and saying they’re trash. It’s rude and will scare off subs. Treat subs with respect. They are after all putting their trust in you to not hurt them when they’re at their most vulnerable. Don’t take advantage of it and leave. You don’t want to abuse them do you?
  16. Promote promote promote! Get yourself noticed! Have an active social media, Twitter works best in my opinion, make a website (wix.com does it for free) sign up to bdsm and fetish websites and be active. Converse and debate with everyone every day. Make clips. Talk to subs. Do camming if you want. Take pictures. Edit. Promote. Converse. I never said this was easy work & quick cash. But if you’re ready to put in the time and effort, great! I hope my tips helps.

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