Holy fuck, that hurts! 

Sitting in the tattoo chair she writhed in pain, as the tattoo artist carved the piece onto her wrist. “Embrace the pain!” said her best friend James. “I’m trying to!” she exclaimed. The artist ignored both of them, as he was completely focused on the task at hand and moved the needle back and forth her skin in an intricate manner. She had specifically asked for a unique piece, a symbol she had seen on the internet a few years ago. The piece was pretty striking, looking like an old, occult, mystic piece that was ancient. She thought it looked badass. The tattooist was almost done, and James had sat down on the sofa next to the door. Mira was so tired, sore and exhausted. It had been a few hours. The tattooist was finished with the masterpiece, they paid and left the parlour. 

It was late evening in summer. The air was still warm, and Myra’s tattoo was wrapped up nicely to avoid leaking. “that was intense!” Myra said. She couldn’t help but smile. She had wanted this tattoo for ages. She and James went home to their flat, as they were roommates. Entering the apartment Myra headed straight for her bedroom, tired and ready to sleep after the painful but wonderful experience. She had put on her pjs and closed the bedroom window, peering out into the quiet night, The flat they lived in had the bedrooms faced towards the small forest behind the neighborhood. She admired the night sky before she shut the window and got into bed. She heard James shut his bedroom door in the next room besides hers. She had fallen asleep quite fast.

She jolted awake by a big thump coming from the forest facing wall. It sounded like someone had slammed their body right into it, with full force. She jumped out of bed and turned the lights on. She slowly walked over to the window. She didn’t dare open it, but tried brushing it off as an animal accidentally running into the wall. She looked out into the dark forest, but saw nothing, just trees. It was quiet now. Her tattoo was warm and sore, and since she was up she might as well go into the bathroom clean it. She went out of her and heard a faint scratching noise from James’ bedroom. She put her ear to the door to listen in. The only thing she heard was his snoring. She continued into the bathroom and rinsed her tattoo in cool water. It looked almost as if it was glowing, a faintly red glow seething from the dark black ink. But it was probably just her sleepy mind exaggerating a little swelling and blood. Pretty common for a fresh tattoo.

She went back to bed, and tried to sleep. But it was impossible. She kept wondering about  that loud bang. The moon didn’t shine through her window anymore. It was completely dark. After a while, Myra started getting sleepy. She started drifting to sleep, when… “Tick. Tick. Tick.” A sound. Like someone tapping on glass. It came from the bedroom window. She froze. Listened closely. “Tick. Tick. Tick.” Again. What was it? Was it branches tapping on the glass? No. No… There weren’t any trees, right outside the window. She was lying facing the bedroom wall. She had to see. She slowly turned around, and there was.. 

Nothing. The only thing she could see were the pale grey curtains she had kept open. Suddenly, she exclaimed and grabbed her wrist. Her tattoo was searing with pain. It was excruciating. Why would it suddenly hurt?? She jumped out of bed, grasping it firmly, opened up the bedroom door and – 

She stood in the doorway, unable to move. It was James. He was lying on the floor, face down. She was paralyzed. The pain in her wrist had faded at the sight of her roommate. Sitting crouched on top of his lifeless body, was a grotesque, pale, creature, with a gangly, elongated body, skin that looked decayed and rotting, spread taut over its bones. There were big open wounds on its body, with pus and maggots festering on it. It had thin, spindly limbs, and from its fingers was what looked like long human fingernails. 

The creature hadn’t spotted her yet, as it was busy devouring  a chunk of flesh it had ripped off of James’ corpse. This isn’t real! This is a nightmare! She thought to herself, desperately trying to convince herself she would wake up any moment. About to tear off another lump of meat with its sharp looking fingers, the creature abruptly stopped. The creature stood up, in a distorted, twitching manner. Standing straight, it was taller than any man. The only sound it made, was the sound of blood dripping on the floor from its hands, as it slowly turned around.

Its face was inhuman and grisly. It had a sickly pale green hue, and the hollow, sunken eyes had huge, greyish white pupils, almost filling them. The mouth… Wasn’t there. The only thing that was there, was a big, empty void with what had to be teeth. Sharp, serrated, yellow, rotting teeth. It glared at her, unmoving. Unexpectedly, the creature let out a piercingly loud screech, making Myra put her hands over her ears, close her eyes and scream. In the blink of an eye the creature had dropped on all fours and skittered across the floor to where she stood. 

The stench of rotted flesh and blood assaulted her nostrils as the creature stood only a few inches away from her. Standing on its long, ghastly limbs, it stood tall over her, looking down. Petrified, Myra started quivering in fear. The creature crouched down, coming face to face with her. With a rattling wheeze the creature uttered “T-t-thankssssss”

Myra gasped. A chill went down her spine. The creature just talked!? She thought, still stupified. “W… why?” She managed to whisper, in a quivering voice. “You ssssaved me” it hissed from its gaping hole. “No I didn’t!” She said, feeling upset over the creatures accusations. “I haven’t done anything! Leave me alone!” She was screaming at it now, tears running down her face in fear and anger. The creature reached out and grabbed her arm, twisting its fingers around her wrist. “LET GO, IT HURTS!” She yelled, feeling her arm in excruciating pain. “T-t-thisss” it rattled and pointed its sharp nail on her fresh tattoo. 

Myra’s tattoo was glowing red, the symbols feeling like they had been branded on her skin. The creature made a noise that sounded like gurgling laughter. It put its own hand next to hers, and there, quickly fading, the very same symbols on its skin. As the symbol manifested on hers, she suddenly felt her arm break. She screamed in agony, and the creature stepped back, almost as if it was surprised. “WHY DID Y-” just as she was about to accuse the gholish thing, she passed out. 

Lying on the floor, Myra opened her eyes to see a young woman standing over her. 

“Now it’s your turn.” The young woman said, looking into the pale greyish white eyes of a rancid, rotting cadaver with spindly limbs, screeching and wheezing agonisingly in the opening of a door. 

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