You’ve all probably experienced this before. Having a sub serving loyally, while under consideration or owned, serving you often and being honest with you. Or so you thought. Then another Domme/Mistress contacts you, with a screenshot attatched. You see your “loyal” sub catering to, or begging to serve and be owned by her. How could this have happened? You talk to him every day, you’ve bragged, you’ve praised, you’ve disciplined and spent hours of your time and sanity training. And he went behind your back to another.

The betrayal is awful. It equals to being cheated on by your spouse. It hurts. But of course, I doubt any submissives understand how it feels. After all, the Mistress has several subs, why shouldn’t the sub be able to please more than one Mistress? That’s perfectly fine. IF YOU’VE NOT SWORN TO SERVE ONE DOMME EXCLUSIVELY.  I can’t even count how many times one of my Domme friends have told me about a sub of theirs under consideration who got caught serving someone else. And the funny part is, the boys think they’re being sneaky. That they’ve gotten away with it, and that they can serve more than one Domme without being caught. But the one thing they don’t think about is that Dommes tlk all the time. About their techniques, their subs, their punishments and exchange ideas and brag about their loyal devoted subs. Dommes will always find out,one way or another. But what’s worse than unloyal subs, is the Dommes who take pride in and actively try poaching subs who are owned or under consideration. Trying to get others subs, jealous of their devotion to their owner. But, would you really want a sub that is easy to steal away? who strays, is dishonest, lies and cheats? If a sub can be stolen away, I don’t want them. I’m far too busy tending to my loyal, honest pets. And I’m not losing sleep over dismissing trash.

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