I wasn’t always the hot Goth FemDomme I am today. But ever since I was a young, brooding teenager I’ve had an “alternative” style. I remember going through that phase where my classmates would refer to me as “emo” and I would get mad and hiss “I’m not emo, I’m Goth!”. Ah, such a tragically edgy time. I also remember all the adults I spoke to say the usual “You’ll grow out of it”. And every time I would roll my eyes and say “no I won’t.” Under my breath. Well, turns out moody, depressed, teenage Hel was right. But I wasn’t always my gorgeous, Dominant Goth self from teenage years to adulthood. Oh no. I went through many, many styles and looks before I settled into my normal and frankly, fitting style.
In my older clips, you can see different tattoos, and blonde, long hair, and a lot of makeup. Yeah, when I first started my online Femdom career, I thought I had to be the typical popular type. There’s nothing wrong with being a blonde bombshell! But it’s not me. Never was. I was what I thought people wanted. Turns out, being someone you’re not, makes you miserable. And although I still made money, and got hired for stage shows, interviews and so on, I was a mess. An insecure mess.
But, after I shed my blonde extensions, my heavy makeup and tight corsets, and decided to dress and style myself as I wanted. It was time to do a makeover. It was time for me to shed my old self and become myself. I dyed my hair raven black with a red stripe, started wearing all black, and decorated my room to look like a Vampire’s crypt. I also completely shut out the sun, making my skin much paler than it already was.

The thing I lacked as a teen to really make my aesthetic as Goth as I wanted it to be, was money. This time, it wasn’t a problem. My loyal Thrall, and some fans, contributed towards my now iconic Goth Femdomme style. In fact, my Thrall bought my entire goth style wardrobe. He has massively contributed towards my Femdom brand, Gothic looks and confidence. But he’s not the only one! My gorgeous Femsub BunBun has paid for my computer and my absolutely stunning gothic looking reaper tattoo. And I’m really excited, because my subs (and one hopeful) has tributed a combined 1000$ towards new tattoos. This is my style, and I will always be The Norwegian Goth Femdomme.

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