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“Gothicc Hel has been not just my Domme and My Goddess but also my closest Friend, my Sternest Teacher and my most fierce motivator for over 3 years.

Through Her guidance, care and love i have improved my finances, My health and my employment to be the person i am today. I would not be here without Her.

She is so strong willed once She turns Her mind to something you can guarantee it will happen. Help build Her up and join along for the ride and success with Her. She loves to include all Her subs in Her happiness as well as share those lesser moments. 

For that i Love Her for eternity”


“Gothicc Hel Is an amazing person and Domme.

Her content is made with hard work and is coming off as some of the most professional stuff I have seen someone do by themselves. 

She is Gorgeous and has an amazing way of entrancing you to follow her journey. 

She is Hard working, Caring, tough and truly Amazing. 

It’s my utmost pleasure to be able to serve such an Amazing Domme. 

She doesn’t only have pictures and videos of herself, She is a hard working writer, editor, Photographer.

She puts herself into everything she does.”


“Hel’s a good person who cares for her subs deeply.

She and I have been friends for a while and she’s been nice as such.

She cares and she’s wonderful. I’m glad to have her as a friend and I’m sure I’ll continue being able to say that for a long time to come!”


“I would consider Hel an extremely ethical Domme but also a person full of honesty, kindness and integrity.

She has educated me, helped me, been there for me and has been a huge inspiration for me.”


“Hel would be one of the first I could recommend.

She is passionate about her craft, consistently educates, talks and practices SSC, RACK and aftercare and so many other things helping keep this community safe.

She is never involved in any drama and is also one of the nicest people.”


“I am so happy to testify that in just a few short months my life has been transformed by Gothicc Hel from an individual into her fly, securely caught in her web. Her guidance has given me a new path in life with goals and purpose and the pleasure of being brought into her service and being of use to her. Her goals have become my goals.

Gothicc Hel provides me with strict expectations but in a soft, subtle and almost hypnotic way, she cares and nurtures. She knows a safe, secure sub delivers not because she demands it but because they want only one outcome; her happiness and her success. 

She teaches me to improve daily for her and her wellbeing but also for myself. Gothicc Hel provides a safe environment in which to serve her, she establishes rules, routines and instructions, and in doing so I am able to help improve her life, support her clear personal and business goals, milk my bank account for her, hopefully bring a smile to her face or just be there when needed. Her success is my success.

I feel her displeasure if I stray from her guidance and path, I feel her invisible hands pick me up if I stumble and point me in the right direction again, I feel her nurturing as her web surrounds me, I feel the joy of providing financially for her and the happiness of being her fly and in her service, for life I hope.

I can strongly testify that if you are lucky enough that Gothicc Hel takes you on as a sub and you work hard to maintain that honour, you will never regret it.”