It was Easter and I was meeting my favorite slave for a session. He was shaking as usual, in anticipation and fear. I was excited for what happened next. We were at my house, as only a few lucky subs are invited. We had a few beers, and then I decided to start. I ordered him to go sit on a chair nearby, and put a blindfold on plus a pair of handcuffs on the back. He quietly obeyed. The sound of the handcuffs clicking in place satisfied me, and put a rather sadistic smile on my face. I was wearing my favorite corset, along with my spiked leather boots. He could hear my heels clicking as I moved over the floor.

He didn’t see that I grabbed my crop. I walked over to him slowly, while quietly laughing. He started breathing faster. “Are you going to tell me where you stashed the cash?” I asked him. “No…” He quietly replied. I laughed. “Alright, the I’ll make you tell me!” I whipped him across the thighs with a few reps with my crop. He whimpered. “Tell me.” I said. “No” He replied again. This time I got more forceful with the crop. He was staying quiet. I walked over to my wall with whips. I got my bullwhip. I walked over to him again. This time he was breathing faster. I raised my hand and whipped him across the thighs and he jumped with a whimper. I laughed at him. I walked to the freezer. I got out a few ice cubes. “You seem excited” I said. He shook his head but his breathing said otherwise. I walked over to him once again and slowly lifted his shirt. I gently caressed him with my hand. “I think it’s time you cooled down.” I said as I ran the ice cubes down his chest and slowly opened his pants and stuffed the ice cubes down there. He shivered. “It’s so cold!” He said. I undid one of his hands and put him on his feet. Still blindfolded he had no idea what happened next. “Get on your knees.” I commanded. He obeyed. There was a mattress right in front of him. I took my boot and gently nudged him in the back, so he fell face first on the mattress. Still handcuffed and blindfolded, I gently put my heel on his back and swung the bullwhip gently on the floor. He could hear the sound. I then pulled his shirt up, and gave him a few lashings across his back. He quietly whimpered. Then I got on my knees over him. And scratched his back thoroughly. He cried out “aaah the money is in my jacket pocket!” And it was. 200£ just for me. Before we were done I snapped a picture. Perfect isn’t it?

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