A very important part of my sub relationships is dedication. and being committed. I see no reason whatsoever to spend my time and attention trying to prove i’m “worth spending money on”. If some subs just took their head out of their ass for a minute, stopped having a deathgrip on that caterpillar of theirs, they might find that there’s plenty of information, pics, videos and interviews about me for free. there’s even an option to cam with me, call me, and book and IRL session.

I spend time talking to and giving information to subs, who ask for it. But when they start asking for more, “samples” or “what to expect during a session”, I will move on. A sub who’s tributed, any amount, will get loads more information, attention and higher priority than someone who is trying to justify spending on me. No, it’s not MY loss. I have spent over a year gathering and distributing information, and 90% of it is available for free. If you’re not willing to put in time to research me and what I do, I’m not willing to associate with you any further. I remember 1 kind of sub, the ones who pay tribute and act respectful. I’m happy to set aside time to get to know potential subs who wish to serve long time, and these will always get priority provided they tribute for my time.

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  1. ALL men are your slaves. Like myself they should all be willing to submit to your power. A true divine goddess i kneel at your feet and pay tribute happily without question. I am unworthy of anything but to provide worship of you. I serve only you that is my purpose. My life has meaning as i succumb to you

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