To fall in love with your Domme is very common. It’s not unusual or strange. Seeing as you share your most intimate thoughts and desires with a beautiful, talented woman who knows what you need, and gives you the complete freedom of being yourself and express things you never could with other people, it’s not that surprising that you can or will fall in love at some point. Don’t worry about it, but be honest if your feelings are too hard to handle on your own. Your Domme will know what to do. Most likely she’ll tell you it’s natural and to enjoy the feeling.

To be so lucky to have these feelings for another is a blessing but may also be a curse to you. Seeing as you know you’ll never have a romantic, ordinary relationship with her. But remember, nothing about the relationship between a Domme and a sub is ordinary. But it’s not less than a normal one. Just because you won’t be able to do things you normally do in a relationship, there’s no reason to be sad and pull away from it all together. You’ll only end up being isolated and depressed, and thinking “what could have been” won’t help much either. You’ll find it more enjoyable to just devout yourself completely to your Domme. Remember, she now holds your mind, soul, body and heart. You are very lucky. She’ll be there for you when you need it, and discipline you when you get out of line. She’ll make you a whole new person and for that, your heart belongs to her. You shouldn’t be scared of falling. Nor try to resist it. It’s healthy and natural and as long as you know your place and not try to be someone she can be with, you’ll be fine.  Be someone who wants to give her your everything. Someone who will make a positive impact on her life. Someone who wants nothing more than the smile she smiles when you’ve done well. Be a good boy and enjoy it.

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