I am both kindhearted and cruel. I am sadistic and caring. All at once.  Yes, behind this cruel, tough exterior lies a kind caring woman’s heart. “But how?” You may ask. “Isn’t that impossible?”

No, It’s possible. I can inflict great pain and suffering on my Thralls and after, I will sit with them, praise them, bandage them up, stroke their hair. I have lots of love in my heart as well as a sadistic urge to inflict untold horrors on my subservient thralls.  I want to form them to be the best they can be.

Respectable men who treat the women in their lives as their Queens,  Princesses, Goddesses and Superiors. A man who wakes up knowing his place in this world. Knows his worth. Knows how to make me proud to say “I shaped him. I made him. I own him.” I don’t take on new subs as a gesture to use them and throw them away. I intend to form a bond. I intend to have a long term relationship with them as my thralls. And that they look to me for leadership and guidance. As well as getting pleasure in serving me, and pain from disappointing me. Being disciplined and teased and trained to be my perfect thrall. To serve is to find purpose.

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