This is a guide to playing with your ass in a safe and pleasurable way.

  • Preparation. You should have gone to the bathroom at least an hour before starting. Wash your ass With perfume free soap. Only the outside, soap inside is a bad thing. Having a clean bowel is important. You can also buy an enema kit. You should have a good body safe lube at hand. For beginners, you don’t need anything but your fingers and lube. Remember to wash your hands before and after!
  • Peace. You should try to relax. Find a quiet place where there’s no chance of being disturbed or startled. Trust me, you don’t want to experience that. Try relaxing and getting into a calm mindset. Focus on the task at hand.
  • Patience. Start by lubing one finger. Lay on your side, and start gently massaging your anus. Don’t put your fingers in, but just rub the rim. Enjoy the feeling and feel your muscles relax. It feels good, doesn’t it? After you start feeling turned on, you can carefully, try to penetrate. If you feel your body tightening, go back to rubbing. Your body needs to be prepared for it. Just relax and start over. I recommend you play for a good long while. And use Plenty lube. Lots and lots. Your ass doesn’t make it’s own so lube is required.
  • Practice. Starting to get the hang of It? Very good. You can start trying toys after you’ve mastered using your fingers. But start small and work up to bigger toys, and NEVER put anything in your ass that doesn’t have a base. You may risk ending up at the ER with a very embarrassing problem. Never stick anything dangerous up there. Go slow, don’t rush, and don’t force yourself to take big toys before you’re ready. Doing anal play wrong has deterred many from enjoying it. It can be extremely pleasurable if you do it the right way..

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  1. Good to see a dom that thinks of cleaning inside and not using things without base on it, only go in a speed you feel is safe for your, some advance fast some very slow and both is fine, as long you do it safely.

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